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Dolfi Benesh

Dolfi Benesh | Insulated Concrete Forms

Dolfi Benesh

Dolfi Benesh provides the very best system for construction of fire safe houses and commercial buildings with the best insulation properties.

Our mission is to build the best houses using the fastest system.

Build it faster than you think!

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Save on all fronts of construction:

1. Fast track construction.
2. Minimum left over of material.
3. 4 hours fire rated.
4. Floods and Tsunami Resistance.
5. Tornado and Cyclone Storms Resistance.
6. Earthquake resistance.
7. Noise-sound insulation to the highest level that can be achieved.
8. Thermal insulation up to 70% from the outside to the inside.
9. Energy saving - up to 70% savings in power bills.
9. Build high rise building without formwork.
10. Very easy to adopt as a construction method for all trades.
11. No heavy lifting involved.
12. Less injuries.
13. More productivity.
14. Less workers compensation
15. Less insurance fees.
16. 90% reduction in maintenance expenses.
17. Happy builders.
18. Happy customers.
19. Our builders and developers sleep well at night.
20. We train anyone to be a top owner / builder - save on construction cost.
21. This is the future of the construction game - sustainable building with highest resistance to: fire, storms, earthquakes - Where else would you want to be?

1. Our production energy consumption is lower than bricks.
2. Our delivery of full trucks - with pallets loaded with a few Kgs...
3. Assembly energy wouldn’t break a sweat..
4. We don’t use timber - we save the forest.
5. We save energy during construction and after completion - Energy is saved in cooling and warming the house for the life of the building.
6. We use timber and bricks only for Architectural fixtures - not as LOAD BEARING COMPONENTS.

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