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Don't let slippery floors fool you - put safety first

Supplier: Altro Flooring
18 April, 2008

Startling statistics in workplace accidents and new safety standards are the important factors in what Warwick Duncan, marketing manager of Australian Safety Flooring (ASF), says is the outstanding growth phenomenon in the workplace in the past 20 years - occupational health & safety.

Unfortunately, it is a growth that continues to accelerate.

The increasing awareness of the injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents has had an impact on safety and hygiene legislation. As a consequence, it is important when making fit-out decisions to ensure your staff and customers are protected against accidents and importantly, your business is covered against litigation. You should also be fully aware of the new Australian Standards for Slip Resistance AS4586.

Internationally acclaimed ALTRO Safety Flooring, exclusively distributed in Australia by ASF, has nearly 50 years of safety flooring research underpinning their range. More often than not, ALTRO is the first choice for all types of facilities around Australia who seek quality and long term value.

And now safety has style, too! ASF launches the new ALTRO Impressionist II range of vinyl safety flooring, featuring 24 new colours; an aesthetic range that allows you to take slip resistance and visual interest into every corner of your facility without compromising underfoot comfort and safety.

Incorporating "Easyclean Technology", ALTRO Impressionist II offers an easy to maintain floor that is slip resistant, hardwearing and looks great. It is very suitable for all applications in the hospitality and foodservice industries, especially back-of-house where accidents do happen. Also, Impressionist II comes with an impregnated Bacteriostat that reduces bacteria developing and ensures the floor is as hygienic as possible at all times.