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Don’t Slip Up

Supplier: Floorsafe International
29 March, 2007

The use of anti-slip safety products can reduce fall injuries on floors & stairways.

The question of safety on unsafe slippery tiled floors, steps & stairways is an important one, as falls can ruin a company’s good safety record and cost hundreds & even thousands of dollars in compensation.

Employers & management are advised to ensure that all walking surfaces are made safe at all times. Smooth tiled floors that become wet are one of the main hazards. In 2002/3   4,140 Victorian people alone were admitted to hospital. 33% were from slips, 55% were trips & 12% were from stumbles.

Rates for older persons are much higher and fractures are the most frequent injury. Since 1987 Floorsafe International’s own Australian made anti-slip system has successfully made slippery tiled floor areas anti-slip safe with their three liquid anti-slip process.

Having the benefits such as no change to the appearance, no smells, no mess & no dry time the treatment can be installed by one of the many Australian wide Floorsafe applicator’s or purchased and applied by any maintenance person.

Research also indicates that stairs with poorly designed or having no handrails are implicated in a high number of fall related injuries. Design and material engineering solutions that eliminate structural deficiencies have the potential to reduce fall accidents.

Commonwealth workers compensation statistics in 5 years indicate that slips, trips & falls accounted for 18% of claims totalling $48 million. Several anti-slip options are available . Floorsafe International has a range of safety products available from anti-slip self adhesive tapes, luminous tapes and stair treads, and a large range of stair nosings that can be purchased or supplied & installed to reduce the risk of a major fall accident. 

Floorsafe International can be contacted at head office on 08 8410 0054, email info@floorsafe.com.au or visit their website at www.floorsafe.com.au