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Donaldson offer bulk fuel filtration solutions!

Supplier: Donaldson Filters By: Donaldson Marketing, CM
17 September, 2010

Donaldson offers a complete solution to contamination control with its bulk fuel filtration systems. More than 90% of all diesel related issues are caused by contaminated fuel sources...

The outcomes of this contamination can be; injector damage, clogged fuel filters, poor engine performance through decreased combustion efficiency and even complete engine failure. While inconvenient, the true cost of these incidents, such as injector failure, can easily exceed $50,000, on some of today’s current platforms, depending on the level of exposure to contaminated fuels.

All engines require onboard fuel filtration, but there is only so much the onboard system can do. Even though most vehicles are fitted with both primary and secondary fuel filters, onboard diesel filtration is single pass; this means the filter only gets one chance to catch contaminant as it passes through on its way to the engine.  Removal of dirt and water from bulk storage vessels and tankers will help prevent the fuel related problems that result from contamination.

Most diesel fuels are delivered from the refinery at a cleanliness level of 22/21/18, an ISO level that is, by today’s requirements, far from clean. Further contaminants constantly find their way into bulk storage tanks and come from numerous sources. New fuel deliveries, insufficient breather filters, condensation and the use of corroding infrastructure (old tanks or pipe work) are just some of the sources of contamination in bulk fuel storage facilities.

Donaldson has developed a cost effective, efficient solution in the form of our Bulk Diesel Fuel Filtration range. Donaldson offers 2 way, 4 way and 5 way filtration manifolds, pre-equipped with dual filter heads to accommodate our innovative Blue Can range of spin on filters. The system is capable of achieving a cleanliness level of ISO 14/13/11.  The modular design of the manifolds allows for numerous combinations to be plumbed together to handle high flow rates, both in and out of the tanks. Also available, as part of our complete solution, are the revolutionary T.R.A.P breathers. These react faster than traditional desiccant breathers offering moisture removal as low as 15% relative humidity.

With the enormous cost of replacement parts such as common rail injectors and the increased sensitivity of components due to stringent emissions controls, it makes sense to ensure your fuel supplies are adequately filtered and Donaldson brings to the market a complete filtration solution to address this issue.