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Double Swivel Connector EU Tested and Rated!

Supplier: H.I.Fraser
04 June, 2009

When we engineered our innovative double swivel connector we knew that we could help companies across all industries improve their processes.

H.I.Fraser’s new swivel connector ensures that cylinders with valves in any orientation can be filled without the need to change the connection, saving production time and increasing safety during the filling process.

This is a bonus to any operator. But we didn't just develop and start selling it! The double swivel has been extensively tested and certified to ensure that it is suitable and acceptable not only in the Australian industrial sector but also around the world:

  • It passed 370 Bar 60 Deg Adiabatic testing in CTE Paris
  • It underwent European Union PED and CE approvals for use in the EU

The Adiabatic compression testing was performed according to the standard EN ISO 7291 (gas welding equipment -- pressure regulators for manifold systems used in welding, cutting and allied processes up to 300 Bar). These tests verify that the double swivel can safely withstand a pressure surge of 370 Bar oxygen at 60°C.

Our hard work paid off and the technology was announced as part of the NSW Australian Technology Showcase program as well as the Anthill magazine Smart 100 innovations for 2009.

Also, at the recent Manufacturing Week 2009 Endeavour Awards the Industrial Gas Double Swivel was awarded highly commended in the category of Australian Industrial Product of the Year.

A technical assessment report on the double swivel connector received from the highly respected Dr John Blakemore of Blakemore Consulting rated our product as unique.

Dr Blakemore noted that the swivel can provide previously unavailable adaptability and flexibility in the ability of operators to connect gas bottles to other devices due to its range of motion in two planes. The report also stated that the swivel connector increases efficiency in the process of filling.

No other competitive products offer these unique features.

Other key innovations identified by Mr Blakemore include:

  • a clever design of the swivel securing nut that eliminates the chance for the nut to come undone
  • a sealing mechanism to ensure metal-to-metal wear is eliminated
  • a combination of seal materials including EPDM and PTFE to achieve the appropriate non-reactive gas seall
  • a design feature to ensure the swivel pneumatically locks under pressure but when the pressure is relieved the swivel is free to move.

Quality-control in the manufacture and testing of the swivel connector is of the highest order and all materials have been carefully chosen based on their suitability to use with oxygen and medical use.

H.I.Fraser is an ISO 9001 accredited company and all our work is calibrated and certified and tested regularly. All swivels are hydrostatically tested before dispatch and our certified Oxygen cleaning system ensures our customers systems are not compromised.