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Dough Machine | Cut & Sheet Layering Unit

Supplier: Elliott Automation

This unit is used in the preparation of cracker, (soda or cream) as it overlaps layers of dough sheets which as a consequence give the flaky appearance and texture to the final products.

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The layering unit receives the dough sheet, which has been previously gauged, and cuts it into portions of predetermined length. The unit lays each dough sheet onto the previous one up to a pre-established quantity. Thus overlapped, the dough is received by a lower discharge conveyor and then transferred to the next set of gauge rolls in order to be gauged to the final thickness before entering the rotary cutter section.

The main advantage of the cut & sheet principle as opposed to the traditional "continuous folding system" is that the overlapped dough sheets always have fresh dough at the top surface while the scrap always remains between the layers. The downstream gauge roll unit always receives dough sheets with the same characteristics, thus improving the overall consistency of the whole forming process.

The machine consists of two carriages, one on top and one on the bottom. One of these carriages has a blade which cuts the dough sheet transversally at a pre-set length. In order to achieve perfect overlapping of the layers of dough, the stop positions and speeds of the two carriages and of the cutter are of critical importance: a unique and sophisticated control system is used to make sure that the system is extremely accurate, guaranteeing the high levels of performance required.

In the production of cream crackers, a mixture of fat and flour dust is deposited between each layer of dough in the cut & sheet laminator in order to enhance the layered appearance to the final product.

One of the main innovations introduced by Imaforni in this process unit was the adoption of an in-line layout in place of the traditional right-angle position. The latter has been used for many years in the industry but it has the disadvantage that the unit takes up a lot of room at the side of the production area, preventing it from making best use of the space available in the building. Imaforni's special in-line layout, on the contrary, optimises the size of the production area; the operator can keep an eye on the performance of the entire forming line more efficiently.

The unit can be supplied with a working width from 1000 up to 1700 mm.

All the mechanical components of the unit are housed outside the frame of the machine. This solution, which is in line with the company's design philosophy, ensures sanitation and easy cleaning of the machinery, and facilitates access for inspection and servicing.

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