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DP11 Network Controller

Supplier: Sphere Systems

The DP11 is a network processor for controlling a network of Minicoms and Doorcoms.

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DP11 Network Controller

The DP11 is a network processor for controlling a network of Minicoms and Doorcoms. The DP11 is designed to be attached to the serial port of a PC or a modem and has its network port connected to a RS485 network of field processors.

The DP11 handles all the messaging between field processors. It also is responsible for alarm pre-processing and will do automatic dial outs to pagers and other devices accepting the PET protocol.

Telstra, Optus and Hutchinson communications have certified the PET protocol as compliant. Alarm conditions can be printed on a local printer and are also sent to the attached PC for display to the operator.

The DP11 will not acknowledge alarms, this is the responsibility of the operator.

The DP11 also has 4 digital inputs that can be configured to send global messages to all devices on the field network. These inputs are typically designed for use for fire alarm warnings.


  • The DP11 can be supplied in two forms to suit your needs, either as a boxed unit or a switchboard mount.
  • The DP11 card is 173mm long by 82.5mm wide and 30mm high. It can fit in Snap Track for easy installation.
  • The DP11 box is 235mm long by 187mm wide and 90mm high. It comes with indicator LEDs and is easier to install.

Power supply

  • The DP11 is designed to run of a 9V to 12V AC supply or a 12V DC supply. Total current drain is about 250mA DC.

External Connection

  • The field wiring is connected to the card through screw terminated connectors.
  • The interconnection of the processor board and output board is via a 10-way ribbon cable.


  • All electronics and power supplies can be mounted in plastic or metal sealed enclosures to meet environmental requirements.
  • No fans, heat sinks or other heat dissipation methods are required. Field wiring connections can be provided through plugs, sockets or penetrations in the enclosure meeting expected environmental requirements.
  • Enclosures will be sized to accommodate the equipment to be housed.

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