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Dragline braking solutions from ABC

Supplier: Air Springs Supply
09 November, 2012

Dragline braking solutions from Australian Brake Controls now incorporate globally proven E4N-BP pneumatic spring-applied Coremo caliper brakes that offer quick, easy and inexpensive maintenance as well as a very high thermal capacity in highly dynamic stops.

The Coremo brake  - which has been proven on many dragline around the world over the last ten years - is one of the major products of one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialist industrial brakes and clutches, Coremo Ocmea. The company  is expanding its activities in Australia through distribution of its products by one of this country’s most experienced specialist heavy brake companies, Australian Brake Controls (ABC),  which specializes in the provision of complete engineered braking solutions as the central area of its business.

ABC Industrial Brakes Division Engineer and Designer, Mr Gerry Lewis, says the E4N-BP is an excellent alternative to drum brakes or multi-disc enclosed brakes installed on drag and hoist, swing or propel motors. The E caliper has been designed by finite elements methods to minimize backlash and maximise vibration dampening properties. Castings and steel components are strongly protected against corrosion, enhancing durability, while the adjustable gap between pads allows adequate end play of the motor shaft, enhancing reliability.

"The 4N-BP thruster supplies high braking force, with multiple springs. Its pneumatic release pressure is low, conforming with typical mining working conditions. The weight of the thruster can be easily balanced to allow the installation of the brake in any position around the disc," says Mr Lewis. "The friction material of the pads combines high friction co-efficient with  low wear rates, to ensure good performance both in stall test and dynamic braking, without damaging the surface of the disc. Pads can be easily aligned to avoid uneven wear. Changing of the pads is always an easy and quick operation, minimising downtime of the dragline," he said.

Coremo Ocmea has more than 50 years experience in manufacturing brakes and clutches for industrial marine, oil and gas, mining and specialist applications. Its products feature established Coremo strengths - such as reliability, easy use and maintenance, long life and competitive price  - coupled with expanded availability through ABC, which itself offers a wealth of specification, design and installation experience built up since 1987.

ABC Industrial Brakes' team focuses on industries such as mining and resources (including dragline, coal conveyor and crushing mill production and maintenance), overhead cranes and lifting machinery, paper manufacturing and converting machinery, quarries and road and rail transport equipment. Mr. Lewis has also been involved in the training of engineering staff and working with such staff in understanding engineering issues relating to particular sites and producing solutions tailored to unique needs.