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Driver Identification

Supplier: Masternaut Three X

Double the insight with individual driver and vehicle tracking.

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In a mobile workforce, being able to isolate driver data and vehicle data is paramount. Masternaut Three X’s driver ID solution is invaluable to any business that operates a pool of vehicles across multiple drivers.

Driver ID couples detailed information about a vehicles activity with specific driver activity letting you manage timesheets easily and make sure the right driver is carrying out the work you intended. With driver ID you can identify and reward efficient and safe drivers as well as identify development opportunities in others.

Masternaut Three X’s driver ID helps you manage your resources and maintain your duty of care by linking records on driving licenses that help ensure drivers only drive vehicles they’re qualified for. And alerts can let you know when unidentified or unqualified drivers are moving your vehicles for extra peace of mind.

A driver ID key reader is fitted neatly on the vehicle’s dash without exposed wires. Each driver is assigned a unique ID key which they must use to ‘sign-in’ to each vehicle before they can begin their journey, forcing use and ensuring you have complete and robust data from your workforce.

The key allows the driver ID to be included along with all the other vehicle information that is transmitted as part of the tracking solution. So through your secure web-portal you can see a more detailed picture of your workforces’ daily activity.

They key reader can be set to track work or private mode so the driver can identify working time and you can isolate business time and mileage from private time and mileage.

When operating in private mode your secure web-portal will show whether the driver and vehicle is stationery or moving along with the journey start time, duration and stop time. However the location and speed will not be visible, allowing you to give your drivers privacy when out of working hours.

Benefits of Driver Identification:

  • Increased organisational efficiency.
  • Encourage better driving behaviour.
  • Increase control and documentation for duty of care.
  • Improve customer service by ensuring the right level of customer service is being delivered.
  • Ensure accountability.
  • Reduce payroll administrative burden.