Dry-Aging Meat: An outcome worth waiting for…

26 Feb 2021

Dry Aging – the art of meat maturing

Beef needs aging. And aging needs time.

Dry Aging – translated “to mature dry” – is the traditional way of aging meat to produce an extraordinary tender and intense flavour. A technique, many decades old, through which beef reaches the highest possible grade.

Do you want to prepare your loved one something special? Something that you do not get served every day at the plate? Then Dry-Aged beef would be perfect, because with the right equipment, the precious meat can be prepared even at home. In a gourmet restaurant you would pay more than $150 per kilo. A lot of money, which you can invest better and above all sustainable.

The solution: Dry aged in vacuum bags!

As basic equipment you need beef (not depended, must be fresh) – ideally a whole back or a big slice of entrecote, sure to grow, as well as a LAVA vacuum sealer and the LAVA A-Vac Bags. Requirements for dry aging would also be a refrigerator at a constant temperature control and some patience.