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“DSD” Rotary Screw Compressors – Fit for the Efficiency

Supplier: KAESER Compressors Australia Pty Ltd
28 August, 2008

‘It is the person with superior power and performance who wins the race’ - This maxim applies equally well to competitive sports as it does to the (energy-) efficiency of rotary screw compressors. A true efficiency champion therefore has to meet all demands on all levels in order to beat the rest of the field.

In any competitive event, the winners are those who are able to stay strongest until the end. With this in mind therefore, DSD series rotary screw compressors from Kaeser Kompressoren are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Offering free air deliveries from 13 to 24 m³/min (at 7.5 bar), these premium quality compressed air systems are designed to provide maximum overall efficiency rather than just to accommodate sporadic performance peaks.

The DSD’s versatile design has 4 key advantages that enable users to benefit from significant energy savings:

DSD units feature a large, low speed Sigma Profile airend (1500 rpm) equipped with flow-optimised rotors. This results in low energy- and maintenance requirement, maximum availability and outstanding durability.
KAESER rotary screw airends are powered by ‘EU-eff1’ rated drive motors for exceptional performance and reliability.

KAESER’s highly efficient 1:1 drive design eliminates the transmission losses associated with gear or V-belt driven systems, as the motor directly drives the airend.

The internal PC-based “Sigma Control” compressor controller enables compressor performance to be precisely matched to actual air demand. This results in further energy savings due to reduced idling operation.
DSD units are also equipped with a highly effective cooling system, which uses an innovative radial fan that draws cool ambient air in through the cooler. The system prevents the cooling air from being pre-warmed and, as a result, optimises the cooling effect. This in turn enables low compressed air discharge temperatures and significantly increases the efficiency and reliability of downstream compressed air treatment components, such as dryers and filters – even at extreme summer temperatures. In addition, the cooling system further reduces sound levels of these already quiet running compressor units.

Another feature of the DSD range is its compact, modular design. At the heart of each system is a high performance DSD rotary screw compressor, which can be complemented by a thermally shielded refrigeration dryer module as required. This option not only provides both efficient compressed air production and drying, but also means that this compact package requires far less floor space than a comparable conventional system. Furthermore, the cooling system and its precise tailoring to suit dryer performance make a significant contribution to the energy efficiency of the system as a whole.

As the use of variable speed drive has significant advantages for certain applications, all DSD models, including those with the refrigeration dryer module, are available with KAESER’s Sigma Frequency Control (SFC).
Moreover, the Sigma Control’s capabilities are not just restricted to the compressor unit, as it can also monitor and automatically manage individual compressed air systems, such as the dryer and/or frequency control module, and enables the compressor package to be remotely accessed via a modem (Teleservice). Interfaces are also provided as standard for quick and easy connection to master control systems and data networks.