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DST Dryer's thoughts on saving energy and controlling humidity

Supplier: DST Dryer
11 August, 2017

IndustrySearch speaks with Gordon Lacey from DST Dryer about their business history and dedication to climate control technology in the food production industry.

Can you tell us briefly about DST Dryers?

DST is a Swedish/Japanese technology company involved in humidity control and manufacturing of special humidity equipment manufactured by Japanese and Swedish teams. Over the years we have delivered to customers in Australia and around the world and we have big customers for whom we manufacture special humidity controllers (i.e. stores) to take condensation away and to save lots of energy. We help to control humidity in modern supermarkets. In the food industry, we are involved with condensation prevention, mould prevention and special humidity prevention techniques on various products.


How does DST Dryer’s technology help businesses reduce energy consumption?

One of the big issues of our time is energy sustainability, and we can recall, 30 years back in the industry (for some of the larger companies), engineers were not even aware that the cost was huge (the cost of power) but now they are very aware of that and our technology has evolved with that by using alternatives to operate our equipment and that saves power, this (same) approach is used in air conditioning and saves a lot of energy as well. That’s the biggest change we have seen in the industry.