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DT990 Particulate Monitoring Systems

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Principle of Operation

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The DT990 combines advanced signal processing techniques with PCME's unique Electrodynamic measurement principal.

When the sensing probe is installed in the duct or stack, particles in the airstream interact with the sensing rod and a charge induction effect is analysed in the probe.

Distributions in the particle stream result in a frequency charge induction response, which is directly proportional to the concentration of particulate (application dependant).

The instrument's output is an analysis of this frequency response and can be calibrated in mg/m3 by comparison to reference iso-kinetic sample results. This technique has acheived ISO 10155, MCERTS & TUV approval.

Advanced Design

Unlike Triboelectric systems, the Electrodynamic measurement is not significantly affected by velocity variations between 8m/s and 20m/s and is not affected by build up on the rod surface. The DT990 is, therefore, suitable for emission measurement in the most aggressive environments including those stacks with variable velocity.

In addition, PCME's Electrodynamic technique enables the use of patented fully insulated probes, essential for high humidity gas streams and applications with high conductive dust loadings.

Very low concentrations (<0.01 mg/m3) can be measured due to this unique measurement principal. Automatic gain controls allow the system to optimise its response to varying dust levels e.g. pulsing bagfilters

Features of DT990 Particulate Monitoring Systems include:

  • Normalisation for T and O2*
  • Mass calculation (kg/year) capability for both fixed and varying
  • Broken Bag diagnostics for pulse cleaned Bagfilters velocity applications (varying velocity requires velocity input)

* Assumes input from appropriate montor

Advanced Sensor Features

Advanced probe and quality assurance checks

The DT990 includes the most advanced automatic functionality checks available on any probe system to provide full regulatory compatibility

The unique contamination circuit monitors for any leakage currents or signals across the insulator, hence providing the ultimate proof that the sensors measurement integrity is uncompromised.

The automatic zero and span checks then provide proof that the electronic amplification and conditioning of the signal is performed within pre-defined tolerances. The above features form part of World-Wide Patents.

Automatic self-checks

  • Zero Check
  • Span Check
  • Contamination Check

Applications of DT990 Particulate Monitoring Systems

Particularly suitable for bag filter, cartridge filter, dust collector and cyclone applications.

Enhanced measurement accuracy

Advanced signal processing techniques are used within the sensor electronics to provide the following measurement features:

  • Rapid Dynamic Ranging of 10,000: 1 (Dynatrack) permitting bag cleaning pulses to be accurately monitored while maintaining high accuracy in background emission measurement
  • Rolling digital average calculations for accurate emission reporting

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