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Ducted Vacuum Systems

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Ducted vacuum systems are a great way to keep dust away from your living areas. Few people realise that the air they breathe inside their homes may actually be more hazardous to their health than the air outside.

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Ducted Vacuum Systems

Even the most immaculate home is a haven for biological pollutants, dusts mites, insect parts, pet dander, fungi moulds and bacteria. These powerful allergens can trigger symptoms that are often ascribed to other health problems like colds, flu’s and hay fever.

We breathe in a Billion particles of air pollutants per day that our lungs have to filter out. Unfortunately not all we breathe is good for our health.

  • The average home collects about 4 pounds of dust per week!
  • A 9’ x 12’ carpet or rug will collect an average of about 14 pounds of dust

As we are growing, our body casts off tiny pieces of dead skin. House dust mites live off our dead skin! Not a pleasant thought, but the truth none the less. The problem is there are literally thousands of dust mites that occupy your home and your bed. These prolific and unwanted residents have a life cycle of sixty days producing 200 times their own weight in faeces in that time.

The allergenic faecal pellets of dust mites are easily airborne (especially when bedding is disturbed) or when vacuuming with conventional cleaners. Whether we like it or not, dust mites are Unwanted Residents all year round.

These dust mite droppings are laden with toxic allergens, and an allergic reaction happens when we breathe in too much of this loaded bacteria, and is what causes a respiratory or asthma attack.

Important Information to Asthma Sufferers about Central Vacuum Cleaners

Allergic Reactions Dust mites are a significant cause of allergic reactions associated with Asthma, Sinusitis, Hay fever, Eczema, Skin Disorders and Eye Infections. All of these can be associated with using conventional vacuum cleaners, infrequent emptying of vacuum cleaner bags & poor cleaning, amongst other things.

A Premier Clean Ducted Vacuum System allows for easy dust removal. The dust does not actually recirculate back into the home whilst vacuuming, which can happen when using conventional portable vacuum cleaners.

The Premier Clean Ducted Vacuum System utilises an external dust collection point that requires only infrequent emptying and eliminates re-circulation of allergens into the home. Premier Clean Ducted Vacuum System uses special double liner bags preventing the risk of dust and other allergens being spread from the unit.

House dust mite allergens are a major cause of asthma in humid climates. In our homes, carpets, mattresses and upholstered furniture are major reservoirs of mites. Current recommendations to reduce allergen exposure are to encase mattresses and pillows: weekly washing of bedding in hot water and regular use of vacuum cleaners with allergen trapping features such as dust bags with 2 layers or whose exhaust air is ducted outside (central vacuums).

Premier Clean Ducted Vacuum Systems use special double liner filter bags which further prevent the risk of dust and other allergens being spread from the unit. Using vacuum cleaners which do not have allergen trapping features, it has been found that they have had little effect in reducing mites in carpets.