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Durability of hydrophobic coatings measured by abrasion resistance

Supplier: Nanokote
13 February, 2013

The results of the abrasion testing show that the coating material from Nanokot significantly outperforms all other competitive products tested.

The Nanokote coating material performs in-line with an industrial quality coating that requires on time application. Exposure to normal cleaning cycle abrasion does not negatively affect the quality of the Nanokote coating.

Competitive coatings A to E all differ in performance with the best of the competitor products failing in less than 1--- double abrasion cycles. Competitor B and D appear to be of a different nature of that of products A, C and E. Based on the performance results of this test it appears that products A, C and E all perform in line with being silicon based coatings that produce a slippery surface when applied to glass.

These coatings are typically of low durability, all of these coatings fail in less than 500 double abrasion cycles. The test method employed is designed to as best possible mimic the normal cleaning process that is used to removable limescale from glass.

A certificate of analysis with every batch of coating material supplied is an important document and should be requested by Industrial glass companies when evaluating prospective suppliers of these types of coating materials. The document should include an initial contact angle measurement and a contact angle measurement after a designated number of double abrasion cycles. This ensures that the glass company is applying a known quantity when it comes to value added coatings.

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