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Dust control for energy company in western Sweden

Supplier: PIIAN
13 July, 2011

Waste to Energy Project.

Project Description:
3,000m2 / 60,000m3 material storage and handling building receives recycled wood, forest residuals, peat and other fuels by road train and other end dump trucks. Materials with similar energy values are tipped into separate pits. Materials are handled / retrieved by clam bucket crane and fed into receiving hoppers for course sorting, magnetic separation, final grinding and supply via conveyor belts to boiler / steam turbine for co-combustion with natural gas.

Product Implemented:
Multiple Piian High Pressure Mist Dust Suppression Systems.


  • Prevent potential explosion hazard from ignitable dust.
  • Eliminate fugitive dust without significantly raising moisture content of material to avoid critical fuel energy deficit and potential material clogging.
  • Operation of dust suppression system in zones according to material handling activity.
  • Integration and activation of multiple dust suppression system zones activation with the facilities Digital Management System.
  • Operation in freezing conditions.
  • Protect nozzles from potential damage from handled material and from clam bucket crane activity.
  • Meet CE requirements.

Design Solution:

  • 6 each Piian High Pressure Mist Dust Suppression Systems.
  • System 1 – 80 LPM, 70 BAR, 8 Zones, 300 Nozzles, End Dump Doors, Receiving Pits, Roof Structure Zones.
  • System 2 – 80 LPM, 70 BAR, 8 Zones, 300 Nozzles, End Dump Doors, Receiving Pits, Roof Structure Zones.
  • System 3 – 70 LPM, 70 BAR, 2 Zones, 250 Nozzles, Side Dump Receiving Pit, Roof Structure Zone.
  • System 4 – 70 LPM, 70 BAR, 2 Zones, 250 Nozzles, Side Dump Receiving Pit, Roof Structure Zone.
  • System 5 – 45 LPM, 70 BAR, 2 Zones, 180 Nozzles, Feed Hoppers, Magnetic Separator.
  • System 6 – 45 LPM, 70 BAR, 3 Zones, 180 Nozzles, Various Conveyor Belt Transfer Points.
  • 4 each zone controllers with control panels, remote starts from building DCS, interlocked starts to pump modules, status lights, manual overrides, status contacts, sum alarms back to DCS.
  • Heat tracing and insulation to all manifolds.
  • Protective casements to nozzle sections around receiving pits and feed hoppers.
  • CE filing.

Project Activity:

  • Predesign: Site survey by Piian technician, predesign consultation. Production of +120 design drawings, process and instrumentation diagrams, electrical schematics, fittings / piping schedules, layout schematics, assembly diagrams / documents.
  • Installation: Site attendance by Piian technician at start of installation to communicate produced design to install team, explanation of best installation practices, integration of systems with other services under construction.
  • Startup: Site attendance by Piian technician to confirm installation integrity, liaison with DCS contractor, system startup and fine tuning, design drawings markups.
  • Finals: Operator training, produced detailed and site specific operation and maintenance manual, recommended spare parts list, maintenance schedule. Complete testing and handover of system. Submission of final drawings.

Customer Comments:

  • Dust management issues successfully addressed.
  • Systems performance exceeded expectations.
  • Quality and specification of system exceptional.
  • Complete integration of system operation with facility Digital Control Systems.
  • Compliance with project special tagging and CE requirements.
  • System delivered on time and as promised.
  • Project documentation was detailed and thorough.
  • Piian competency and reliability is remarkable.
  • Seamless integration and cooperation from design stage, to construction stage and startup.
  • Minor issues resolved promptly and agreeably.