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Dust Extractors

Supplier: Carba-Tec

Dust extractors are not just an afterthought for keeping your workshop clean - they should be a primary safety consideration. Woodworking machines produce waste material that winds up on the floor and in the air. Eventually these smaller particles - if not contained - wind up in your lungs. To safeguard your workshop against the risk of this, we offer a range of dust extractors and air filters to help you achieve the maximum level of safety against dust particles in your workshop.

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Dust Extractors, Extraction Accessories and Air Filters

Dust Extractors come in a wide range of designs and specifications. The most basic dust extraction design involves a fan impeller unit that draws material into a two stage bag-contained filtration and collection system.  More advanced closed system units - known a cyclones - use a fully enclosed system for maximum efficiency.

To customise these machines to your particular work environment, we offer a wide range of attachments, hoses and other fittings to meet your extraction requirements.

Finally, air filters are frequently used as a last line of defence against airborne dust particles. These machines filter particles from the air and are sized to suit a specific room volume.

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