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Dust Road Application | DAS™

Supplier: Dust-A-Side

The principal product in the DAS™ range is a natural refined petroleum emulsion that has been applied with great success at major mines in the southern African region.

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The aim is to create a dust free mining industry. After application roads and other dust-bearing surfaces are dust and mud free and functional in all weather conditions.

The DAS™ product is a heavy duty bonding agent that has been applied in the mining industry with great success for the past three decades. After application, haul roads and other dust-bearing surfaces are dust and mud free.
Haul roads

A dust free haul road results in better visibility, increased safety and extended tyre life which in turn leads to a reduction in total road user costs and an improved service provided for the haul road users.
The process

Proper preparation of any untreated surface ensures a functional, safe, efficient, dust-free road surface. Following profiling to specification, the prepared surface is ripped and mixed with the DAS™ product. The product will not leach once bonding has occurred. The surface is sealed to deter any water ingress. Roads are finally bladed and compacted. Heavy duty haul trucks become part of the compaction process.

Once the DAS™ road has been established, the maintenance system ensures a sustainable dust free haul road under DAS's supervision.


  • More than three decades of research, development and applications.
  • Successfully tested by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).
  • Environmentally Friendly. ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited
  • Heavy Duty – will not leach out.
  • Improved productivity and increased profitability.
  • Safer Hauling conditions due to excellent visibility and better road surface.
  • Enhanced safety, tyre life and higher travelling speeds.

Advantages and savings

  • Savings > 80% through the use of low-grade in-situ materials.
  • > 90% water saved.
  • Reduces spraying fleet > 60%
  • Reduces grading > 70%
  • Maintenance done during normal hauling
  • Roads are open to traffic during construction
  • Enhances the quality of good gravel material
  • DAS™ products are concentrated, water soluble and easy to apply.