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Dust Suppressant RT8

Supplier: Reynolds Soil Technologies

Controlling dust for long periods of time under heavily trafficked conditions has always been a challenge.

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RT8 Dust Suppressant

For Long Term Dust Control

Controlling dust for long periods of time under heavily trafficked conditions has always been a challenge. Generally the only solution has been to continually water the subject area which requires operational time and equipment, and also uses large quantities of water to only partially resolve the problem.

Even if the surface material settles with water, continual traffic on the surface will dislodge all the fine particles so creating more dust.


RT8 Dust Suppressant is a 'tackifier' developed by RST for use where dust is generated by vehicular traffic on unpaved areas or where continual watering to control dust is not an option. Depending on the dose rate, RT8 Dust Suppressant can greatly reduce and in some applications completely eliminate airborne dust.

What RT8 is Used for

Car parks, Workshops and Loading Areas

  • Allows for long term dust control whilst not being affected by vehicular surface movement.

Access and Rural Roads

  • Eliminates the need for ongoing watering programs.

Tracks and Pathways

  • Long term dust control minimising continuing reapplications.

How It Works

RT8 Dust Suppressant contains water dispersible resins that are designed to penetrate into the pavement surface and coat the fine particles. Penetrating agents blended with the resins allow the product to penetrate and coat the individual soil/dust particles so weighing them down and stopping them from blowing away.

The resins are formulated to be non-hardening so when the surface material is moved around by traffic the untreated particles will attach themselves to the treated particles weighing them down as well.


  • Reduced Water Usage
  • Eliminates requirement for continued watering

Dust Control

  • Long term dust control under heavily trafficked conditions.

Ease of Application

  • Added to water and sprayed over the pavement surface.

Water Cart Savings

  • A decrease in operational hours.
  • Equipment can be reallocated.

When applied to dusty area diluted in water the resins will separate from the application water to remain in the pavement surface. Once this process has taken place all wash away and leeching issues are eliminated.


RT8 Dust Suppressant readily mixes with water. Any water spraying device can be used to apply the product. For roads and larger areas the use of a water cart is recommended.

As a general guideline RT8 Dust Suppressant should be applied as a 25% solution at a rate of 1-2 litres of solution per square metre.

The pavement surface may first require grading to ensure the surface is in a satisfactory condition as grading cannot be done once the product is applied.

Education And Training

RST provide experienced site technicians available to assist with product applications and procedures.


All RST products are environmentally safe and user friendly. For further detailed information on a specific product or application please contact our Head Office.

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