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Dustalert 50 Intelligent Filter Performance Monitor

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The Dustalert 50 intelligent filter performance monitor continuously monitors and displays the relative emissions from Baghouses and other arrestment plant.

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The Dustalert 50 has many features which enable it to be specifically tailored to each customer's arrestment plant, taking into account different filter cleaning mechanisms and different processes.

The microprocessor-based sensor and receiver respond to any small change in the arrestment plant and can follow trends in output, or potential filter failure prior to absolute failure, by giving both a scalable 4-20 mA output (optional) and adjustable alarm output.

The sensing probe is connected by a standard multi-core cable to the control unit where the user interface is by a clear and simple touch pad control. All instrument parameters can be viewed on a digital display and the relative dust level is continuously displayed by a scalable bargraph as well as the digital display.

The microprocessor technology within the Dustalert 50 ensures reliable and flexible operation with internal electronic fault conditions quickly brought to the attention of the user.

Mode of Operation

A reference emission level is set within the instrument over a representative time period (for example over a number of filter cleaning cycles) when the plant is known to be operating efficiently.

Emission values received from the intelligent probe are processed and compared with the stored reference figure to produce an emission factor. The instrument incorporates a variable time constant analysis filter for smoothing of instantaneous data to allow observation of trends in filter performance.

An alarm is initiated if the emission factor exceeds the selected alarm factor and an alarm delay period is chosen to prevent false alarms caused by filter cleaning cycles.

Features of Dustalert 50 Intelligent Filter Performance Monitor

  • Virtually maintenance-free, even in aggressive environments
  • Unaffected by dust accumulation on sensor
  • Extremely sensitive - detects dust concentrations from below 0.02 mg/m3 to over 1000 mg/m3
  • Can be installed in ducts with diameters from 50mm to over 6 metres
  • Detects particles as small as 0.1 pm (e.g. galvanizing fume)
  • Intelligent probe's digital communication eliminates interference caused by plant noise
  • 4-20 mA output proportional to dust emission level
  • Base unit and sensor self-testing ensures reliable operation and valid results
  • Password protection prevents unauthorised access
  • Easy identification of alarms using error message display
  • Alarms can be initiated by even small increases in concentration
  • Simple installation and easy set-up procedure using microprocessor keypad - Features 'Quick-set

TriboACEĀ® Advantages

  • Unique measurement principle (patented)
  • Not the same as simpler Triboelectric systems (non a.c.)
  • Unaffected by dust build up on sensor
  • Unique insulated probe provides reliable operation in humid and wet applications (optional)
  • Unaffected by velocity changes in Baghouses
  • Has proven lower detection level of 0.02 mg/m3
  • 'Quick-set for baghouses, cyclones and dryers

Typical Applications of Dustalert 50 Intelligent Filter Performance Monitor

The Dustalert 50 is designed for use in any process which has arrestment plant fitted, for example bag, ceramic and cartridge filters, or cyclones where indicative monitoring is required.

Typical examples include:

  • Animal feed compounding
  • Cement manufacture
  • Chemical processing
  • Ferrous metals industry
  • Foundry/shotblasting
  • Galvanizing
  • Non-ferrous metals industry
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Roadstone / mineral drying
  • Rubber compounding
  • Timber processing
  • Tobacco processing

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