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Dustdown Water Soluble Bitumen Emulsion

Supplier: Reynolds Soil Technologies

Dustdown is used on unsealed roads and areas to bind surface fines reducing dust, maintenance costs and save water.

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Dustdown Water Soluble Bitumen Emulsion


Dustdown is used on unsealed roads and areas to bind surface fines reducing dust, maintenance costs and save water.

Dustdown is a bitumen emulsion with its advantage being that the bitumen residue remains in the pavement material without leaching. Successive applications may be used to gradually develop a lightly sealed surface material.

Dust suppression using Dustdown is generally applicable to low traffic roads hard stand areas and temporary roads on construction sites.

Dustdown Emulsion


Dustdown is an anionic slow setting water soluble emulsion (ASS) which is the most suitable grade for dust laying. Added surfactants and curing agents further enhance the products' performance.

Compatibility of the water must be checked before diluting Dustdown

When diluting Dustdown, it is essential to add water to the emulsion and not emulsion to water to avoid premature separation of the emulsion.

Only sufficient diluted emulsion for immediate use should be produced at one time, as stored diluted Dustdown is unstable.


It is preferable to shape area if necessary, and lightly sweep the surface to remove excessive dust and loose material. A preliminary dampening may assist in obtaining a uniform distribution of product. Excessive dust will reduce effectiveness and require more applications.

Diluted Dustdown may be applied with a standard water cart, preferably one with a pressure spray bar. Diluted Dustdown can generally be completely removed by flushing with clean water to leave little, if any, bituminous residues.

Bituminous residues can be difficult to remove from equipment that is not designed for spraying of bituminous materials. Traffic should be kept off the surface until the emulsion is fully broken and the surface is dry. This is generally a minimum of 2-3 hours.

Dosage Rates

Dustdown is diluted with water prior to use. Dilution rates vary from 40:1 to

10:1 depending on surface condition and application procedure.

A typical application rate for diluted Dustdown is about 1.0 L/m2 of total liquid. If surface run-off occurs, the rate of application should be reduced.

Lower application rates and higher concentrations of emulsion are used on hard surfaces. Higher application rates and more diluted mixtures are used on softer and more permeable surfaces.

Education And Training

RST provide experienced site technicians available to assist with product applications and procedures.


All RST products are environmentally safe and user friendly. For further detailed information on a specific product or application please contact RST Head Office.

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