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DVDs help manufacturers express their messages with impact

Supplier: Indigo DVD
13 December, 2007

Once upon a time, using black and white photography was acceptable, and then along came colour, followed by digital, which revolutionised the whole industry. Source: Rodney Appleyard

The same is now with DVDs – they have become the standard format used to present products and services in the 21st century.

According to Rum Charles, the managing director of Indigo DVD, companies will fall behind the times without a professional DVD and no manufacturer can afford to be left behind in their marketing practices.


“If Australian manufacturers do not keep up with the times they will simply cease to exist. If they can’t compete on price with Asia, then it must be about substance and style. DVDs show this. Cheap marketing looks cheap and plays into the hands of overseas companies with cheap production methods.”


Manufacturing companies used to use paper as one of their principal methods for communicating. However, Rum Charles says that DVDs are much more effective because of the visual dynamic they can present in any language, be it long or short.


“The material can be detailed or just a short message. DVDs are also cheaper to update and in some cases they are less expensive to produce in the first place. Labelmakers Australia used our services recently. They went to a trade show for the first time and wanted a DVD to showcase them as the industry leader. The company ended up getting major brand awareness out of the DVD and they used it as an effective sales tool for the sales team to showcase its methodologies, as well as the company’s new factory. When you think about it, TV is so much better than radio as an effective medium because it is visual and has a much greater impact. That is why free to air commercial TV really works.”


He adds that amazing results can happen when your message ranges from branding through to training.


“As for other clients, Somfy gained a four set training program consisting of four DVDs that cover the following topics: Attitude to motorisation; the future is now; sales techniques and marketing skills. See the Indigo DVD website for more details.”


But the problem is that changes can be confronting for many established firms. In fact, the longer you have been in business and the more success you have had, the harder change can be. Rum knows this all too well from experience.


“I remember when I visited Kodak at the request of their then National Customer Service Manager. I had a meeting with the CEO and told him that their current pharmacy business had no right to exist in the 21st century because waiting three to four days for photos to come back just wasn’t acceptable anymore to anyone under the age of 50. I added that in two or three years film would be dead for the consumer. He did not like what I said and thought I was talking rubbish because film had been around since the dawn of the industry and wasn’t going anywhere. He promptly asked me to leave his office. I then got a call a month later. By that time, they agreed with me after he visited the technical division of Kodak, where he saw for himself that the films days were numbered. He asked me what he should do about it?”


So Rum told him to sell the business and move his team into selling digital equipment in pharmacies instead.


“That’s what he did. Now when you go into any pharmacy with a Kodak flag out the front, you will see a little yellow machine that prints your pictures from a memory stick or disk, or even your phone. This is now a major profit centre for Kodak and it’s living proof that you have to adapt or die.”


Indigo DVD focuses on making exceptional corporate DVDs and tradeshow products. Rum says that one of the advantages of his company is that his account managers come from a background in business, rather than the arts.


“So when we create a DVD or showreel for you – yes it will be visually stunning – but it is also laced with many unique selling points and marketing messages. For us at Indigo, it’s all about helping you showcase and sell your products and services. We come from the business and manufacturing sector and this is reflected in the products we produce. The way we achieve this is through our unique relationship with some of the best directors, editors and cameramen in Australia. Our account managers take the brief and direction from you, listening carefully to your message and the themes you would like to see running through your DVD. Once we have that, we will then bring the right talent together to realise your vision, to enable your marketing and sales goals to take flight.”