Dynamic Simulation of HPGR Technology

Supplier: TSG
27 September, 2006

TSG Consulting presented a paper titled "Application of Dynamic Simulation to Flow Sheets incorporating HPGR Technology" at the recent Randol Innovative Metallurgy Forum 2005. This forum focussed on comminution (with a whole day devoted to HPGR), preconcentration, refractory ore treatment, leaching, recovery, waste management and environmental aspects.

Abstract. In this paper the author explores the application of Discrete Event Simulation modelling to evaluate the capacity and performance of flowsheets that incorporate High Pressure Grinding Roll (HPGR) technology. Considerable effort has been made in understanding how an independent HPGR unit will work when differing ore types are processed, but how does the introduction of HPGR technology influence the total system dynamics of the proposed operation?

The application of Discrete Event Modelling has shown that previously held expectations of system performance can be challenged and the dynamics of the total system considered. Benefits coming out of these studies include capital justification, the ability to quantify equipment selection and sizing, definition of surge requirements and an understanding of the system dynamics.

When applied to both brownfield and greenfield operations, these techniques can identify areas where the proposed flow sheet does not meet expectations and then provide the ability to test alternative scenarios  before locking down a final design.

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