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Supplier: Capital Office Business Software

CAPITAL Office offers maximum compatibility and ease of use, together with integration with industry leading e commerce business solutions or our customer's existing custom web based solutions.

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Whether you wish to interface your existing website or e business system or connect CAPITAL to our pre-existing, powerful, fully integrated e commerce software, CAPITAL can offer you a flexible range of choices.


CAPITAL COM Server is an OLE Server component that can plug into all popular software development environments, including Visual Basic, .NET, C++, PHP and many others.

You can even access CAPITAL databases and services from within popular applications such as Microsoft Excel and Word.

If you require integration of CAPITAL Business Software with your web site, or specialist application software, then CAPITAL COM Server is the ideal interfacing toolbox.


CAPITAL E-Gate is an integrated system component for CAPITAL accounting software that offers the following services:

  • Dynamic importing of transaction files from external sources, such as e Commerce software, specialised accounting applications, EDI, Digital Assistants, Palm Pilots, etc.
  • Alerts users to tasks that did not succeed or problems with transmitted transaction data, via email.
  • Directly updates sales orders, stock requirements, warehouse management, billing and accounting systems and CAPITAL scan/packing, picking software.

Database Connectivity

CAPITAL's accounting software data is stored in a common industry standard format. Many popular applications can understand how to access CAPITAL's files including most versions of Microsoft Office. Reading is also possible through ODBC or through native database access using the CAPITAL COM Server.

The Corporate Edition of CAPITAL Office offers sophisticated read/write data access kits. This permits direct connections with CAPITAL business software using industry standard development tools. Connectivity kits are available for:

  • Perl
  • Delphi/Kylix/C++
  • .NET
  • JDBC
  • OLE DB (for ADO)
  • ODBC drivers
  • PHP
  • DLL library

In addition to the above, CAPITAL's Visual Builder report writing application can just as readily generate data files as it does printed reports. These data files can be uploaded or e-mailed to your web site, or e commerce system on a scheduled basis.

In a similar manner, CAPITAL's powerful Integration Manager allows mapping of external ASCII text files to the databases of CAPITAL. The file format used by the e commerce software can then change and this will not necessarily result in re-programming costs.

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