E-Fulfilment Service Details

Supplier: Media Movers
23 January, 2009

Media Movers E-Fulfilment Summary of Features

e-fulfilment can broken down into a number of stages depending on the service required.

These are as follows:

• Product purchase, manufacture, supply
• Warehousing of product
• Web “e-tailing”, including payment process
• Fulfilment of orders

Product Purchase, Manufacture, Supply

This is the product that you purchase from us – this will obviously vary depending on:

• Product required
• Packaging required
• Quantity required
• Time required

A quote from your Media Movers Sales Team Member will provide you with a quote for this that will be tailored to your requirements.  We will outline some possible options and features for your consideration.

Warehousing of Product

We have a warehouse facility available to store your product when manufactured. Features of this are:

• Palletted storage of product – stored off the floor
• Warehouse is a back-to-base secured alarmed building (your product will not be insured at these premises, so you will need to note this address on your insurance policy)
• Costs are $10 + GST per week per pallet or part thereof.

Web e-tailing in Media Movers e-mall

Media Movers e-mall is a virtual shopping mall with different shops, (Media Movers clients) who wish to sell their products through on the web using our web e-mall/web e-tailing site. Web e-tailing is the provision of web site page for your products, a selling cart tailored to your site with payment gateway facility for your sales.

Features include:
• Creation of web page for selling your products – this can be tailored to your specifications and creative. This unique URL address can be used in your marketing collateral to drive your customers direct to the store.
• Selling cart inclusion on the page so customers can select and purchase on line. Selling cart has many inclusions we can tailor for you such as – promotional giveaway or items (eg free freight on next order).
• Freight calculation for specified international and national deliveries
• Secure payment gateway able to clear funds from major credit cards and PayPal.
• Email to client of order confirmation and payment acknowledgement.
• Passing of data to Order Fulfiment system and/or email to an address.


• Set-up web, cart, payment gateway from $750 + GST
• On-line sales and payment gateway – 15% of billed charge

Fulfilment of Orders

Fulfilment of orders is the processing of orders, received in the above instance from our e-tailing system, and sending these to your customer.  Invoices are invoiced by Media Movers (ABN and GST registered purposes) but with Clients branding with name and logo etc visible.

Features include:

• Receipt of orders from E-tailing
• Process of orders through order processing system
• Goods are picked and packed
• Invoiced raised and emailed to customer as well as included with goods
• Goods despatched
• Sales reports are available at end of each month or on demand on a reasonable basis.
• Media Movers manages GST admin on all direct sales


• Freight (or Post) at cost + 15%
• Fulfilment process
     • Up to 10 units per day flat $24 + GST per day
     • 11 - 249 units per day $2.40 + GST per day
• Fulfilment can be run daily or weekly depending on volume and service required.

Reports and payment

Inventory reports of stock are available on a monthly basis – this will be on call by end of May.  Payment flows are twofold, firstly the production of product by Media Movers and secondly the payment of sale proceeds from internet sales/fulfilment from Media Movers to fulfilment client.

• Payment for goods manufactured by Media Movers on clients orders are as per our normal trading terms.
• Payment on sales on e-fulfilment are payable on monthly basis by Media Movers with reports due 2 workdays after
   month end, indicating both sales and fulfilment costs
• Payment of net fulfilment receipts are payable by Media Movers within 3 workdays after reports sent.

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