Easy does it with Moddex modular handrails and balustrades

Supplier: Moddex By: Stephanie McDonald
26 October, 2011

With time a precious commodity on construction sites, being able to get the right products to the site quicker can equal big cost savings.

Modular handrails, balustrades and barriers are one way time can be saved on-site.

A relatively new product to the Australian market, modular systems have many benefits. The main advantages are they are quick to assemble and can save on labour costs.

A spokesperson for Moddex Systems told IndustrySearch the organisation was fully focused on its "plug and play" approach to balustrades, handrails and pedestrian barriers. Compared to fabricated products, which are shipped to the site and welded by a boilermaker, the systems can easily be installed.

Modular balustrades and handrails are typically constructed from solid steel. Some products can be configured to comply with the Australian Standard for Access and Mobility (AS 1428.1-2009) and the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements.

Products can be purchased off-the-shelf or customised and are delivered to the site in a kit ready to be assembled. Due to the simple installation and because there in no onsite welding, organisations opting for Moddex balustrades and handrails can use trades assistants - a major attraction during our skills shortage crisis.

No welding also means builders do not require hot works permits. Additionally, there are no toxic fume hazards resulting.

While standard balustrades and handrails require touch-up paint or spray finishes once welded – the galvanising burns off in the welding process – Moddex modular products are delivered to the site hot-dip galvanised, assembled and bolted off. No additional finishing is required.


Modular, no-weld handrails can be used in a variety of applications. In flammable environments in particular, such as gas plants, there are several advantages.

For example, in gas plants, handrails which need to be welded would mean part of the plant being shut down due to safety concerns about sparks from welding. This can mean shutting down expensive equipment, as well as workmen having to down tools.

However, with modular barriers, there is an ability to work around a plant that is running. Fire spotters are also no longer needed.

Moddex Systems has worked with several tunnel construction projects, including the new airport link tunnel in Brisbane. Several kilometres of Moddex handrails have been installed in the access and egress areas of the tunnel, in case of accident or fire.

The company has also worked in the mining and resource sector in mines where handrails get damaged or knocked down. In some cases, traditional handrail systems can have long wait times for welders to install the barriers. However, due to safety concerns, the handrails need to be replaced as soon as possible.

"Modular systems can be configured very quickly so that if the client needs something, we can have the product delivered tomorrow, whereas if he was waiting for a fabricator to pull it together, you could lose a week or two just waiting to get the product," Moddex's spokesperson said.

"The Moddex solution consistently offers a very quick product turnaround."