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ECO-Buy | Purchase Green Products


ECO-Buy Limited is a not for profit company established to encourage the purchasing of green products and operate as a Centre of Excellence in Environmental Purchasing.

Green purchasing is based on the simple premise that every purchase impacts on the environment in some way. Green purchasing is choosing to buy products that are less damaging to our environment and human health than competing products that serve the same purpose.

About ECO-Buy

- Offers a one-stop-shop to support organisations to 'green' their purchasing
- Delivers a proven step by step process to integrate green purchasing pracitces into organisations
- Has eight years of award winning experience delivering practical programs

What ECO-Buy does

- Delivers practical guidance and advice on green purchasing for a wide range of member organisations, from business to local and state government
- Operates ECO-Find, a comprehensive directory of green products and suppliers
- Undertakes and commissions green purchasing research
- Acts as a link between purchasers and suppliers of green products

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