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Eco-friendly nitrile glove accelerates biodegradation

Supplier: Showa
07 May, 2015

With new innovations in the PPE industry, long gone are the days where the only choice of protective glove was cotton, leather, or, simply working without any gloves.

In the PPE industry it's important to constantly innovate, modernise and refresh products in a way that meets the demands, changing tastes and evolving needs of the customer.

Caring about and respecting the environment is obviously important, especially when involved in an industry that has the potential to produce a significant amount of waste. Glove manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware and attuned to the need for serious environmental conservation, along with consumers who are ever more mindful of their eco-footprint.

One of the newest innovations in protective gloves couldn't be timelier. The development of biodegradable gloves through Eco Best Technology® (EBT) by glove manufacturer, SHOWA®, is set to greatly assist us in reducing our eco-footprint. Gloves made with EBT are entirely biodegradable, sustainable and the first of their kind.

The technology

Behind these gloves are years of research and development, along with a solid grounding in molecular engineering.

EBT essentially accelerates the biodegradation of nitrile when placed in biologically active landfills. EBT is comprised of organic materials that are purposely designed to make the gloves attractive to microbial activity. When EBT gloves are disposed of in landfills, microorganisms naturally consume, metabolise and breakdown EBT materials into three natural compounds; organic soil, methane and carbon dioxide. This creates fertiliser, leaving zero waste behind.

Since EBT requires biologically active landfills for biodegradation, this means that gloves with EBT cannot even begin to biodegrade prior to disposal. These abilities have been validated by independent certified laboratories using ASTM International test methods (ASTM D5511).


Gloves containing EBT perform exactly the same way as high quality non-EBT gloves, which were proven by third party testing in side-by-side performance evaluations for SHOWA®.

Protection and performance go hand-in-hand. With environmental awareness also in tow, EBT gloves may be a more sustainable way to provide this.

Why use environmentally friendly gloves?

When you stop to consider the number of disposable gloves used every day in hospitals, labs, offices, schools, warehouses, doctor's surgeries, and even our own homes, you soon realise that the numbers are absolutely astronomical.

It's argued that with the use of EBT gloves, you can help to preserve the environment by accelerating each glove's biodegradation process by up to 100 years, depending on the climate and location of the landfill.