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Ecommerce Analytics & Reporting

Supplier: NetSuite

NetSuite gives you the insights you need to maximize e-commerce performance.

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NetSuite gives you powerful real-time dashboards, reports and analytics to optimize every aspect of your ecommerce activities. You'll know how to increase the visibility of your website through search engine analytics; improve webstore conversion rates; and increase shopping cart value. You'll also have the insights to maximize the ROI of online campaigns and promotions.

And with NetSuite, you can analyze even more than ecommerce performance. NetSuite provides the analytics that will give you the complete perspective on your business' performance — from billings and fulfillment performance through customer satisfaction and retention.


  • Get a real-time view into website, webstore and marketing campaign performance;
  • Maximize your website's effectiveness by monitoring lead conversion and key website metrics;
  • Increase revenue by analyzing cart abandonment and identifying upsell opportunities;
  • Improve performance of online promotions and campaigns;
  • Gain visibility from summaries down to the actual live transaction or customer detail;
  • Get seamless access to other key financial and operational measures for a complete perspective of business performance.
Key Features

Search Engine Analytics

  • Use NetSuite's built-in reports to find out how your customers found you, what they visited on your site, and the exact revenue generated from referrers and search engine keywords;
  • Tune and optimize your paid keyword search spend to maximize your returns;
  • Accurately track and manage your paid-search marketing campaigns down to the keyword and search engine, all in real-time.

Website Analytics and Reporting

  • Maximize your website's effectiveness with powerful web analytics
  • Learn how often each page of your site gets viewed and by how many unique visitors
  • Understand how frequently visitors return to your site, how many times they visited the site, and the average pages views during those visits
  • Track returning leads and customers and determine how they're navigating through your site

Webstore Analytics

  • Monitor your conversion rates and see how many of your visitors registered on your site and how many of them completed a purchase
  • Increase your website sales by following up on abandoned carts, improving customer conversion ratios, and understanding the purchase ratio of specific items
  • Review your cart abandonment rate for any timeframe
  • View shopping activity analysis reports that show you on an item-by-item basis the ratio of cart additions to orders
  • Identify and analyze opportunities for upselling and cross-selling
  • Drill down to an individual customer record and review all of that customer's activities on your site.

Online Marketing Analytics

  • Track the results of all your marketing programs—by program type, lead source, and promotions—in real time
  • Improve your marketing ROI by pinpointing how much revenue you receive from each lead source/referrer and keyword advertisement
  • Optimize your marketing spending by accessing data on the actual revenue per visitor and revenue per customer for each referrer or keyword
  • Compare visitor conversion rates across various search engines or affiliates.

Powerful Ad Hoc Analysis

  • Create any report you need on the fly with NetSuite's powerful ad-hoc analysis capability
  • Eliminate time spent waiting for IT to create the report you need, as well as the need to maintain data in spreadsheets
  • Easily create, share and email reports, or add them to your NetSuite dashboard.

Securely Access Business Insights from Anywhere

  • Give employees the ecommerce performance insights they need from anywhere, whether from a web browser, or a mobile device such as the Apple iPhone
  • Monitor your webstore's performance, web traffic and campaign performance in real time
  • Give your sales teams instant visibility into a prospect's or customer's web interactions so they can adjust their conversations accordingly.