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Effective noise control on industrial work sites | Flexshield

Supplier: Flexshield
02 July, 2012

The specialists at Flexshield take pride in engineering the best possible noise control measures and soundproof doors for workplaces around Australia.

Controlling noise levels properly can be crucial for businesses hoping to maintain a safe working environment.

The maximum safe level of noise exposure allowed in a workplace over an eight hour period is 85dBA, according to Australian law. Yet, an increased number of businesses are finding themselves considerably above this threshold simply because of the type of manufacturing in operation.

Many workplaces simply allow workers to wear personal hearing protection devices. However, the National Standard for Occupational Noise also points out that personal protectors should not be used if there are any administrative or engineered noise control methods available that can eliminate the risk and need for protection.

The professional team at Flexshield are able to design, engineer and install effective noise control solutions that will decrease the level of noise for noisy machinery or work place situations.

Proper installation and use of soundproof doors can effectively help to reduce noise. Acoustic doors can be designed as swinging doors or sliding doors, depending on the application. They provide effective soundproofing for access areas and can also be fitted with panic bars, burglar-proof locks and even peep holes.

For internal soundproofing solutions, PVC swing doors provide adequate noise reduction while still allowing convenient access between work areas for staff and machinery. As these doors are transparent, this also helps to increase worker safety by maintaining 100 per cent visibility.

The importance of providing a safe workplace is crucial for any Australian business. This is why the specialists at Flexshield are so focused on designing and delivering the very best noise reduction solutions to help maintain a safe working environment.