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Effytec's ULTRACLEAN Technology perfect for Dole Fruit Puree Pouches

Supplier: HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies
12 October, 2015

When Dole's Contract Packaging Company Aseptia needed a safe and hygienic packaging process for packing Dole's Fruit Puree, they decided upon Effytec's HB-20 Duplex Pouch Filling Machine.

Dole were packing 90gram doypack pouches with top valves, that contained fruit puree products designed for the baby food market. This required a stringent hygiene process and high integrity of the pouch seal that preserved the product inside the pouch.

The solution provided included the installation of a laminar flow system over the machine area and hydrogen peroxide equipment for sterilization of the valves and packaging equipment. Effytec's patented triple sealing system were able to provide 100% sealing accuracy.

The product filling system comprised of two inductive flowmeters with special nozzles for pasty hot filling (85ºC) and a pressurised heated hopper with agitation of the product. The production speed of the machine is 110-120 pouches per minute.

Effytec is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging Technologies.