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EKA pickproof cylinder

Supplier: EKA Security

Unlike the mechanical pin-based locks, the EKA cylinders have a unique physical design that prevents the use of standard lock picking tools. This, combined with the encrypted access codes within the cylinder, makes the EKA cylinder virtually pickproof.

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More about the system Cylinders

Inside each cylinder is a tamper pin. If the front of the cylinder is struck with blunt force, the tamper pin drops into position, preventing the lock from opening. The tamper pin is ‘re-positioned’ to its pre-impact position by touching an authorised user key to the face of the lock several times.

Each cylinder has a torque brake. If torque is applied to the front of the cylinder, the front part of the cylinder separates from the back half. The back half of the cylinder expands, causing the brake effect that engages the sides of the cylinder’s case, stopping the rotation and leaving the cylinder in the locked position.

The EKA cylinder has a circuit board with micro-processor and memory. Four types of information are stored in the cylinder: Encrypted access codes that ensure only keys within the system work with the lock, the unique ID number of the lock cylinder, a record of the last 1100 entries, and a list of lost key IDs to eliminate access by any key that is missing or lost. The circuit board inside the cylinder is potted, which provides protection from environmental hazards like salt air, dust and water. This allows installation in both indoor and harsh outdoor applications.

EKA cylinders have been tested for electrical current using a stun gun rated at 300,000 volts, and with magnets rated in excess of 18,000 gauss. The cylinders remain in a locked position and continue to perform normally.