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EKA Security

Electronic Keying Australia’s solutions include the keys, lock cylinders and software applications that run in standard PC operating environments.

Electronic Keying Australia has extensive experience and understanding of the issues faced by facility managers where there are numerous users requiring numerous levels of access.

The roots of the organisation come from locksmithing and access control. We therefore have a thorough understanding of Masterkey systems, electronic systems and fully wired access control systems. With the market clearly moving toward security products that offer additional electronic benefits EKA is at the forefront of the industry.

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Electronic Keying Australia has recently been ranked by BRW magazine as the 11th fastest growing business in Australia. We are an Australian-based organisation that focuses exclusively on helping companies, institutions and government organisations improve the management of their keying systems and ultimately deliver greater control over information and assets whilst providing safety and security for users within their facilities.

The EKA System is an Electronic Masterkey System that eliminates all the problems of both mechanical and fully wired systems. It is a system of electronic cylinders that replace mechanical locks or lock cylinders in existing doors, cabinets, drawers, padlocks, safes and more. The EKA System controls everything. If you lose a key, you simply block it. The system has no wires and can control access to every entry point. The keys are programmed with access assignments and schedules, which also allows the administrator to view audit reports and custom reports. It is easily installed with minimal ongoing maintenance required.

The EKA System is a revolution in Masterkey systems. It has already been installed into some of Australia’s most esteemed and recognised facilities including the Sydney Opera House. These organisations needed a cost-effective, highly secure and flexible Masterkey system and EKA was the answer.

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