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Electric Motor | Stainless Steel | Scorpion

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The food and beverage industry has always had problems with motors that are hosed down for cleanliness and hygiene reasons in processing plants.

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The high pressure cleaning with extreme caustic solutions has in the past contributed to the failure of many motors on the production line, which has always been a concern.

Both aluminium and cast iron motors fail to stand up to the caustic solutions which eat away the motor material at a rapid rate, while the effects of hosing and condensation create havoc with the motor. If motors are covered with paint or an epoxy coating the coating can easily chip and create havoc with the motor.

Lafert Electric Motors has developed a complete range of rolled stainless steel, IEC metric frame motors, which are completely interchangeable with all other electric motor in industry. The motors start at 0.18 kW and go through to 7.5 kW in all speeds. Whether the electric motor is foot, flange, foot and flange mount or 'C' face mount the Scorpion motor can replace any existing motor.

Totally enclosed, non-ventilated and SEW

Even though the motors are stainless steel and it is difficult to get the heat out of the motor, the windings are of such a quality and so efficient they can be supplied totally enclosed, no ventilation (TENV) in smaller sizes up to 0.75 kW.

Without a cooling fan or fan cowl the motors still run cooler than standard electric motors. As SEW-Eurodrive has a huge share of the food industry market, the Scorpion motor can be supplied with SEW dimensions, which allows them to be fitted straight onto any SEW gearbox with no adaptation to flange or shaft required.

Ease of cleaning

The absence of cooling fins on the motor allows for ease of cleaning as food particles cannot be caught between the fins of the motor. The rolled steel body is made from 304 grade stainless along with the shaft while the endshields are 302 stainless. Any harsh caustic solutions have no effect on the motor while the addition of an etched nameplate in the stator housing means nameplates can never be lost or illegible. A weakness with electric motors in harsh environments is condensation inside the motor caused by the change of temperature between the inside and outside of the motor.

To ease this problem the Scorpion motor has been fitted with four quadrant drain plugs on each endshield, so that no matter how the motor is mounted there will always be a drain plug at the lowest point of the motor. The motor is fitted with a special 'T' drain at the lowest point, which stops water from high pressure hosing entering the windings, but allows condensation to drain out over a period of time.

Hoseproof IP66 Rating

The Scorpion's IP66 rating means it is completely hoseproof from a strong jet of water from any angle. Double lip oil seals in both endshields stop water entering along the motor shaft. A Gamma Seal, which acts as a slinger to keep water away from the oil seal, is fitted on the drive end shaft. The stator windings are double varnished with a vacuum impregnation system encapsulating the windings in varnish for protection against water. The terminal box is insulated from the winding housing by the use of a 12 mm rubber gasket.

The winding leads are completely encapsulated in the terminal box, which makes the whole motor as close to fully submersible as possible. The bearings are double rubber sealed, but low friction sealing keeping the high efficiency status of the motor, C3 clearance to allow for expansion and rating from -20 to + 200°C. The Scorpion stainless motor is a complete solution and a huge breakthrough in the war against bacteria in the food and beverage industry.

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