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Electric trolley makes laundry handling easier & safer at beach resort

Supplier: WheelieSafe
06 May, 2016

Tathra Beach House proprietor, Rob White, had a problem. Each of his many holiday units at his southern NSW beach resort were provided with a plastic laundry crate. These crates were collected regularly and returned to the units with fresh laundry.

The collecting, which was being done on a special frame attached to a conventional two-wheeled trolley, presented a problem because it had to be wheeled up a steep ramp to the laundry. 

Not only was the job onerous, there were very real OH&S risks to the operator's back, wrist and forearms. 

Rob purchased a WheelieSafe Heavy Duty Electric Trolley, which, with its 24 volt, 180-watt motors, made short work of the ramp, allowing the operator to simply concentrate on steering the trolley safely. 

Moreover, the WheelieSafe's third wheel took the 'tilt' load off the operator's back, dramatically reducing the risk of an OH&S injury. This was especially the case in this instance as the gradient increased the tilted load considerably 

The laundry crates were loaded onto a specially constructed frame similar to the one used with the original two-wheeled trolley as shown in the image.