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Electric waste vacuum cleaner delivers goods for NZ council

Supplier: Applied Cleansing Solutions
16 July, 2012

In keeping with the city's focus on delivering best-practice service with a focus on sustainability, Auckland Council's City Parks Services Business Unit recently purchased a new state-of-the-art Glutton electric waste vacuum cleaner for its street cleansing fleet.

With their eco-friendly, super-quiet electric operation, the compact manoeuvrable Glutton has been providing a significant boost to the street cleansing operations — particularly during the busy Rugby World Cup.

Richard Duimel, business unit manager for the Streetscapes team of City Parks Services provided some insights into both the rationale behind the purchase of the Glutton and the results to date.

"As an organisation, City Parks Services is continuously looking for innovative ways of delivering added value to its clients, as well as opportunities to improve our environmental standing," Duimel said.

"Making the decision to add the Glutton to our fleet of equipment achieved both. As part of our streetscapes maintenance contract, our teams maintain the high profile municipality areas of the Auckland Central Business District including some of the popular open spaces like Aotea Square, Wynyard Quarter and Queen Elizabeth Square. These spaces are continuously under pressure with regular events and large numbers of people using them throughout the day and night."

"Consequently our goal was to find a way of working in these spaces that minimised disruption to the public, particularly in terms of dust and noise, and at the same time enabled us to deliver an exceptional result. These areas were previously cleaned manually with the use of walk-behind or ride-on sweepers.

"The overwhelming benefit of the Glutton has been its low noise and dust emissions. Its manoeuvrability has also meant working in areas with high crowd numbers is not an issue.

"As we have the contract with Auckland Council to service the CBD, the 'FanTrail' (the 4.5km walk from the CBD to Eden Park), the Eden Park Precinct and the Waterfront during the Rugby World Cup 2011, we were looking for ways in which we could enhance service delivery in order to produce exceptional standards in areas affected by the significantly high crowd numbers generated by the event.

"The Glutton has proven to be in its element under these conditions."

The Glutton waste vacuum cleaner is a mobile, very easy to handle and self-propelled rnachine, able to collect all kinds of waste that can pass through a tube 125mm in diameter.

The machine is capable of removing generated litter and debris from hard and soft surfaces its unique design allows removal of micro litter in corners and around street furniture.

Operating at levels of near silent and at 750mm wide the Glutton vacuums waste whilst emitting return air emissions of less than 1 micron.

The Glutton deals efficiently with both industrial and urban waste, paper, cardboard, cigarette packets and butts, cans and glass, plastic or metal bottles, dog faeces, dead leaves, waste trapped in tree grills, wood. stee1 and aluminium chips etc.

"To date, as an addition to existing methodologies, the Glutton has delivered incredible results," Duimel said.

"Our staff has enjoyed the simplicity of operation, as well as the public's comments on the low environmental and physical impact of the machine.

"Having all the litter feed directly into the wheelie bin is a highly efficient and effective method of collecting the waste. And as health and safety is paramount to City Parks Services, the internal sprinkler system and back up powder bomb extinguisher provide a high level of confidence when picking up cigarette butts, especially when further supported by an externally mounted fire extinguisher."

"We have also been impressed with the service provided by James Daniels from Applied Cleansing Solutions and their New Zealand agent," Peter Mcphail of the Mcphail Group, said.

"They spent time in the field with our staff to ensure we knew how to operate and maintain the machine and provided us with comprehensive service and operating manuals.

"Finally, having the Glutton as part of our fleet of equipment is another way of demonstrating our commitment to innovative and environmentally sustainable practices. Being the first organisation in New Zealand to have one in operation further validates our commitment to being industry leaders."

City Parks Services is a stand-alone business unit of Auckland Council providing parks and street environments development and maintenance for Auckland Council and other external clients.