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Electrical Design Software - Commercial Lite

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Fully Compliant to: AS/NZS 3000:2007 & AS/NZS 3008.1.1 1998

Price Guide (Inc GST): POA

Cable Calculations:

Quickly & Easily find all Your:

  • Cable sizes and capacity.
  • Voltage drops.
  • Conduit sizes.
  • Fault Levels.
  • Fuse /CB sizes.
  • Working Temperatures.
  • Touch Potentials.
  • Input Your own Cable size!

Earth Loop Impedance Testing:

  • Minimum Trip current needed to comply with Earth Loop Impedance test (amps).
  • Actual let through current (amps).
  • Maximum impedance values (Ze) and the actual impedance values (in ohms).
  • Total impedance values (Zs) for the complete installation (in ohms).
  • Touch Potentials.

Maximum Demand:

Perform a maximum demand in just minutes for:

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial Installations

Test, Reporting & Inspection forms:

Complete all test, reporting and inspection forms for all your installations, keeping and maintaining detailed records of all your work.

  • Electrical Test Reporting.
  • Electrical Installation Certificate.
  • Periodic Inspection Report for an Electrical Installation.
  • Schedule of Inspections.
  • Schedule of Test Results.
  • Schedule of Circuits.

Water Heating Element:

Quickly find the size of Water heating elements needed for hot water tanks.


  • Temperatures
  • Times
  • KW rating.

Heating & Heat Loss Calculations:

  • Easily find the right amount of heating needed for all sizes of rooms/buildings etc in Just 3 Minutes...Guaranteed!
  • Look Professional by printing out a Full Detailed Report and 3–D Bar chart.
  • Calculates heat losses through walls, ceilings, floors, Air etc.

Air Conditioning:

  • Find the right size of Air Conditioning for any size rooms/buildings in Just 3 Minutes…Guaranteed!
  • Look Professional by Printing out a Full Detailed Report and 3–D Bar chart!
  • Calculates heat gains through walls, ceilings, floors Air, etc.