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Electrical Design Software - Indusrtial Pro

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Fully Compliant to: AS/NZS 3000:2007 & AS/NZS 3008.1.1 1998

Price Guide (Inc GST): POA

Cable (Wire) Calculations:

Find all Your:

Easily Find all Your Cable sizes (AWG & Kemils) in less than 5 seconds, including Voltage drops, Conduit sizes & capacities. Displays fuse/CB sizes, calculates and displays Exact 'K', minimum trip currents, effective 'Z' & installed Cable Temperatures, Displays NEC table no. AC & DC impedances.

Input Your own Cable size for compliance checking or for Engineering in spare capacity - copper & aluminum cables, AC & DC. Installations, Variable Frequency.

Power Factor Correction:

Save Money now with an Improved Power Factor. Calculates Capacitor sizes (KVAR's), and released system capacity , installation costs, annual savings & payback times.

Water Heating Element Sizes:

Easily find the size of heating elements needed for Hot Water tanks!

Heating & Heat Loss Calculations:

Easily find the right size of heater for any size rooms/buildings etc, in just 3 minutes. Look Professional by printing a Full Report of all heat losses and a 3–D Bar chart. Calculates heat losses through walls, ceilings, floors, windows etc. Imperial & Metric measurements.

Air Conditioning Calculations:

Easily Find the right size of Air Conditioning for any size rooms/buildings. Displays a full report and a 3-D bar chart. calculates the heat gains through floors, walls, doors windows, air etc. Look Professional by Printing out a Full Report!

Electrical Project Design:

Create Electrical Installation designs in Just minutes – working out wire sizes, voltage drops, conduit sizes, produces the cable schedules with all your calculation results. Automatic creation “Single Line” drawings. Save in AutoCAD format (.dxf). Easy to use point and click drawing tool.

Transformer Regulation:

Know Your transformer Secondary voltages for all Startup conditions and prevent Contactor chatter, “Brown Outs” etc. The perfect tool when starting large loads.

Electrical Estimating:

Now you can estimate the job in just minutes using the electrical estimator. Displays times to install electrical equipment with over 12,000 items in it's massive database. You will not be short of answers.

Expandable to 20,000 items by inputting your own equipment, change the times, add prices, create assemblies etc for an even faster estimate. Produce professional looking quotes and tenders in minutes.

Short Circuit Calculations:

Easily Perform a Short Circuit Calculation analysis for your Installation. Calculates and displays MVA, kA, X/R ration & pf for HV and LV installations.

Circuit Designer:

For all your lighting circuits create a precision design every time, now it's quick and easy to calculate Wire Sizes for lighting, and other types of series circuits. Smart software ensures perfect results ...Every Time!

Control Wiring Schematics:

Easily Complete all Your Control Wiring Schematics for Electrical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic. Electronic and Fire Alarm Controls Circuits. Quick and easy to use point and click drawing tool.

Co-ordination & Discrimination Study:

Perform a full coordination & discrimination study on your installation, select curves, adjust pick-up and instantaneous settings. All Curves to ANSI and IEC Standard, printout your log/log display.

Temperature Rise in the Boards:

Know the temperature rise in your Boards by simply inputting the boards dimensions (i.e. width, length & height). Selecting the equipment fitted and press calculate.

The program instantly calculates and displays the temperature rise on the mid point and top of your board. Easily add vents to ensure the longevity and reliability of your equipment.

Installation Design:

The ultimate design tool with intelligent technology - Amazing new software makes your design decisions for you by automatically selecting all your wire sizes and voltage drops, using this Hi-Tech software 100 wire sizes are now calculated in less than 5 seconds.

The short circuit calculations (MVA, kA, X/R ratio and pf, HV and LV installations) are instantly completed, the Cable Schedules with all the cable results, eg cable sizes, conduit sizes, voltage drops etc are ready for you to print out.

Your "Single Line" & "As-Built" including Three Phase Schematics diagrams (in color) are instantly computer generated fully marked-up with all your cable calculation results, (save in AutoCAD format .dxf) this means no more tedious drawings for you to make.

A "Total Quantities Parts List" with all cables fuses, circuit breakers, switches, conduits, loads, instantly created and all ready to print out.

Revolutionary new technology means you can become a top notch design engineer in less than 20 minutes because all your electrical installation designs, drawings, calculations and tables are completed at a blistering pace 100 times faster than the best design engineering team with zero errors.