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Electro-Com Sensors and Controls

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Electro-Com have a range of sensors: Airflow sensors, Automative sensors, co2 gas sensors, pressure sensors and transducers.

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The KLIXON solid-state airflow switch is ideal for recognizing loss or reduction of airflow in electronic equipment. Typically used in power supplies, data processing equipment, and large electronic cabinets. Unlike its electromechanical vane switch predecessor, TI's solid-state switch continues to provide reliable switching, even in dirty environments.

Features of Electro-Com Sensors and Controls
- Solid-state design for improved reliability
- SPST or SPDT configuration
- Normally open or closed
- Commercial or military grades available
- Low power dissipation (approximately 3 watts)
- Excellent shock and vibration resistance

Applications of Electro-Com Sensors and Controls
Klixon airflow sensors are designed to recognize loss or reduction of airflow in:
- Power supplies
- Data processing units
- Commercial electronic equipment
- Military electronic equipment

APT (Automotive Pressure Transducer): Low-Cost Pressure Sensing
- Compact design allows for local pressure sensing
- Sensor design provides reliability throughout the life of the vehicle
- Durable automotive packaging for under-hood and chassis
- Adaptable to pressure ranges up to 5000 PSI
- Permanent calibration after assembly results in tight tolerances
- Absolute or relative sensing

Applications of Electro-Com Sensors and Controls
- High-side and/or low-side air conditioning
- Power steering
- Rear wheel steering
- Anti-lock braking / vehicle stability control
- Engine controls: Manifold, fuel, oil, boost, and barometric pressures 
- Transmission
- Suspension: Load leveling, anti-roll, active and adaptive suspension

CAS: Capacitive Acceleration Sensing

- Qualified for under-hood, chassis mount, or automotive interior
- Highly reliable sensor design proven with years of production
- Available in ±1g to ±10g ranges
- Permanent calibration after assembly
- Low-cost
- -40° to 85°C operation

Applications of Electro-Com Sensors and Controls
- Traction control systems
- Anti-roll chassis control
- Vehicle stability control
- Anti-lock brake systems
- Semi-active suspension systems
- OBDII rough road detection
- Inclination sensing

Microfused Silicon Strain Gage (MSG), Hermetic Pressure Sensing

- Sensing technology is silicon MEMs strain gage elements glass bonded to a stainless steel diaphragm
- Inherent hermetic structure
- Permanent calibration after assembly
- Temperature compensated
- Adaptable to pressure ranges up to 30,000psi
- Accurate, stable signal over a wide operating temperature range (-40
  to +140°C)
- Media-compatible
- Temperature output can be added
- Extensive self-diagnostics

Applications of Electro-Com Sensors and Controls
- Brake pressure
- Diesel common rail
- Occupant weight force sensing
- Vehicle stability systems
- GDI fuel pressure
- Transmission

PSM: Reliable Pressure Switch Manifolds
Multiple pressure switches in a single assembly to sense hydraulic pressure in automatic transmission.

- Direct sensing of fluid pressure
- Compact size to fit between transmission valve body and filter
- Multiple switches in integrated assembly
- Temperature sensing can be incorporated
- Reliable snap-action switch technology

Position Sensing: Transmission Range Sensors (TRS) and Internal Mode Switches (IMS)
The position sensor may be mounted internal or external to the transmission case and uses sliding contact technology to monitor drive gear selection.

- Rotary or linear design
- Insert molded low current circuit improves reliability by eliminating
  solder joints
- Greater than 150K P-L-P durability cycle capability
- Need for factory adjustment can be calibrated out
- Multi-bit logic level PRNDL output

Automotive Pressure Switches for Various Systems
Sensors & Controls pressure switches provide low cost controls for many automotive systems. The snap-action disc reacts to changing pressure by reversing its curvature and activating electrical switch contacts. The custom packaging can be used for line or pump mount applications.

Texas Instruments gas sensors are presently comprised of two families of CO2 sensors:
- The 4GS for measuring concentrations up to 5000 parts per million
  typically for Indoor Air Quality applications, and
- The 9GS for up to 25% CO2 typically for industrial incubators and food

Both the 4GS and 9GS use a dual lamp design Virtual Reference™ non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) optical sense element. NDIR is a very proven, discriminating sensor technology.

Applications of Electro-Com Sensors and Controls
Demand control ventilation
- Controlled CO2 atmosphere for food transportation, industrial
  incubators, food processing and storage.
- Education: School biology experiments


- Hermetic and non-hermetic offerings
- Small size
- Suitable in harsh environments
- Wide temperature range
- Technical assistance available
- Customized solutions and special options are available

Texas Instruments pressure transducers are suitable for the most demanding industrial and HVAC/R applications. We offer a variety of technologies, configurations, and customizations in pressures from 0-15 to 0-30k psi.

Whether in the air, on land, or in the water, we manufacture low-cost, trusted solutions.

Applications of Electro-Com Sensors and Controls
- A/C and refrigeration: compressor cycling, fan cycling, superheat
  control, TX valve control, diagnostics
- Industrial pumps
- Process control and automation
- Agriculture and construction equipment
- Fuel cells
- Forklift hydraulics, engines, etc.
- Marine engine, fuel oil, etc.

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