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Electro-Pneumatic Positioning | Aventics

Supplier: Pneumatic and Automation Equipment Pty Ltd

The Aventics Electro-Pneumatic Positioning System consolidates valves, sensors and installed control gadgets to linearly position chambers and actuators.

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Hence, an air servo actuator can be controlled from the PLC. This electro positioner permits chambers and actuators to stop at boundless midstroke positions, follow complex profiles or prevents hammering at the ends. Electro-Pneumatic positioners are routine pneumatic positioners that have an extra-incorporated electro-pneumatic transducer.

This alternative permits client to update their current control system while utilizing their current positioner system that they are comfortable and acquainted with. This is a highly innovative positioner currently available in the market.

Electro pneumatics makes pneumatic valves appropriate for compacted air, water, vacuum, gases and low weight oil. They are accessible as solenoid-worked, pneumatically-worked and physically worked. The valve has become a basic part of a digitally controlled framework that transfers both valve health and symptomatic data to guarantee that the loop keeps up set-point within the desired precision.


  • Electro-Pneumatic Positioning System can be used to actuate and pilot process valves, material processing, level and elevator control
  • Eletro-pneumatic positioner can be used in throttling applications.
  • Electro-pneumatic pressure control valve can be used in multiple electro pneumatic equipment.


  • EPPS can achieve cost benefits of up to 60% and it is easy to use and comes with better flexibility
  • Easy maintenance and precise alignment with simple SPAN and ZERO adjustments are some of the benefits associated with electro-pneumatic positioner.
  • Simple direct or reverse change Acting and easy adjustments to split range control without changing parts are other benefits of electro-pneumatic positioner
  • Faster speed of response and split-ranging capability are merits of electro-pneumatic pressure control valve.
  • Digital Communications / Diagnostics Capability coupled with limited travel with reduced lift makes it a favorite in industrial applications

Features/ Specifications


  • Easy Tuning
  • Simple Setup and Wiring process
  • Wide Range of Input Pressures
  • Minimized Air Consumption

Electro-pneumatic positioner

  • Sensitive response for high performance
  • Vibration safe outline
  • Stainless steel gauges’ standard
  • A restricted pilot valve unit for small actuators

Electro-pneumatic pressure control valve

  • Directional control valves with direct/pilot /pneumatically/ manually operated
  • Flow control, needle and check valves
  • Super exhaust valves
  • Shuttle valves
  • Rotor seal couplings