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2A Ayton Street, North Sunshine, VIC

Trade Assurance

Supplier level: Premium Storefront
Head office: North Sunshine, VIC
Service areas: Australia wide
Year Established: 1987
Member since: Jun 2016
Employees: 6-20
Certifications: ECAAS ISO 9001:2008
Verified supplier:
Followers: 28 Follow



Materials Handling Equipment & Solutions

Whether you're moving patients, heavy equipment, awkward loads, linen, food, or waste, we can help your staff stay safe in the workplace.

When a single user can move thousands of kilograms on their own, quickly and simply, you save time. There’s no multiple operators needed, and no waiting for help.

Our range of materials handling equipment help you get more done with less, keep your staff safe, and are recommended and trusted by safety inspectors and companies alike.

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