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Electromagnetic Brakes | Fail Safe

Supplier: Keith Price Machine Tools

Electromagnetic Brakes, Fail safe types are available in AC or DC supply with a simple air gap & torque adjustment operating system, resulting in a very low wear rate or operation.

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Electromagnetic Brakes | Fail safe

These units have an Asbestos free dual surface friction lining, giving a stable and rugged unit with they can be equipped with an optional accessory for a manual release.

Typical applications could be material handling equipment such as hoists, cranes & textile machinery.

Electromagnetic Spring applied holding brakes:

These units are a very reliable and safe in operation, giving a low wear rate of operation, due to the unit's surface hardened armature disc friction elements. They are manufactured to class 4 insulation in torque rating from 1 Nm to 160 Nm. for servo motors & up to 400 Nm for other applications.

Typical applications would in conjunction of all servo motors, packaging and medical machinery, & automation equipment such as robotic units

Permanent Magnet Clutches and Brakes:

Used in dry operation, they give a very high level of backlash free reliability. These Permanent Magnetic clutches and Brakes give optimum constant torque at high operating temperatures. Typical applications would be in electric motors, especially servo motors. Torque 2 Nm to 160 Nm.

Electromagnetic Wrap-string Clutches and Brakes:

These specialist units give very high accurate poisoning with a high torque to size ration, resulting in very quick response times with no adjustments necessary for the unit's life span. The units are controlled by heavy duty solenoid coils giving total reliability in the operation of the unit.

Electromagnetic clutches used in the textile industry:

Electromagnetic clutch & brake drives for textile weaving looms are custom developed for accurate control of ''Pick Finders'', in modern Rapier Looms. They are excellent for the ''slow motion'' control of ''Jacquard Dobby'' & Jacquard motion. Very high torque for their small dimensions operation at vibration free, very low noise and can tolerate temperatures up to 150 deg C.

These units were specially designed for modern high speed Wearing Rapier Looms that can be possibly used on Air-Jet & Water Jet Looms. Available in torque ratings from 180 Nm to 1400 Nm.

Electromagnetic Compressor Clutches:

Self cleaning, and maintenance free operation for the control of air conditioning in modern day automobiles, such as busses, passenger cars, trucks, tractors & any other wheeled or tracked vehicles

Electromagnetic Fan clutches:

These units are a low cost clutch for all sizes of engines, giving benefits such as economic fuel consumption, increasing engine life and controlling pollution levels etc. Custom manufactured units are available to suit most engines as used in buses and trucks. Torque 70 Nm to 460 Nm are available.

Mechanical Multi Disc Torque Limiters:

These torque limiter clutches are low maintenance, low wearing with a clutch plate material of both steel on steel or sintered bronze on steel construction available. Upon application, we can offer special versions with sensors and electronics that give very accurate results, and can be operated via remote control.

These systems are especially used in the pharmaceutical industry, packaging machinery, fabric and paper material processing machinery & food processing machinery environment etc.

Our standard versions that are available on application are 10 Nm to 300 Nm, but are manufactured up to 30000 Nm in torque.