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Electronic Blasting system for Quarries & Construction - i-kon™

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i-kon™ delivers value beyond blasting

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Orica is the world leader in the use of electronic blasting systems worldwide. We offer the only complete suite of products to enable you to achieve your desired blasting outcomes.

With the proven benefits of precise timing Orica have now combined hardware and software for total systems management of blasting operations. From blast design through to remote firing capability the i-kon™ Electronic Blasting System combines precision and control with safety and security.

This is a result of significant research and development, drawing on our global expertise and experience of thousands of blasts worldwide to provide a solution that gives you a competitive edge and delivers value beyond blasting.

The i-kon™ System provides dramatically improved blast results through the step-change in accuracy of the

i-kon™ detonator copared to pyrotechnic detonators. This accuracy delivers:

  • finer and more consistent fragmentation
  • increased throw of coal overburden
  • reduced vibrations and a different, “machine like” feel to the vibrations, which are typically shifted to higher, less damaging frequencies, and
  • improved wall control.

The i-kon™ System allows the engineer to fine tune blast timing to optimise fragmentation. This optimisation can focus on higher digging and/or milling productivities, or can be used to reduce blast costs by increasing patterns.

The design flexibility provided by the i-kon™ System also allows for innovative blast designs that maximise overburden throw in Open Cut coal casting operations.

This flexibility, in conjunction with Orica’s revolutionary new software, SHOTPlus®-i also allows for designs that make ore / waste separation a reality.

Blasts can be designed to create relief at multiple locations at the same time and to pull rock in several directions at once, thus allowing blast designers to create separate muckpiles of differing grades, without having to worry about “burning front” issues.

And there's more.... the i-kon™ System will soon be the new information platform for total mine connectivity. Blasting without Digital Energy Control will soon be just "a blast from the past".