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Electronic Masterkey System Keys

Supplier: EKA Security

The EKA key contains four levels of intelligence: encrypted access codes to ensure the key is from the same installation, the unique ID number of the key, access privileges for the user of the key, and storage of up to the last 3300 events, both entries and denied entries.

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EKA Keys

A standard lithium 3-volt battery located in the EKA key provides the power of the EKA System. When the key comes in contact with the cylinder, it powers up the circuitry in the lock so that the key and lock can communicate. A single battery will provide between 3000 and 5000 openings.

The unique exchange of encrypted access codes between the lock and key gives a high degree of key integrity. The encrypted codes ensure keys from other systems cannot work in your system. It is also the reason why we do not need to rely on patents for protection against key duplication as would a conventional mechanical masterkey system.

The EKA key is made of super tough nylon. The electronics of the keys are fully coated and are water resistant. Keys dropped into water once dry will continue to operate.

Keys that have suffered high impact such as being dropped or run over by a car will in most circumstances continue to operate. The key has a replaceable brass tip that is designed to be sacrificial to prevent damage to both the overall keys and the cylinders. This part can easily be replaced in the field.