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Electrotranz MaxiCube - Trolley Collection Made Easy

Supplier: Electrotranz

Collecting trolleys is a serious business - whether shopping or luggage trolleys, every operator knows that the trolleys must be in the right place, on time, every time - as no trolleys often equals no customers!


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Now trolley collection has been made easier, quicker and safer with the MaxiCube from Electrotranz. The MaxiCube is a powerful, battery-operated, pedestrian controlled towing unit designed to tow a "train" of up to 30* trolleys, allowing a single operator to collect trolleys from car parks and trolley parks - and get them to where they are needed, quickly, efficiently and safely.

Towing power for the MaxiCube is provided by the powerful Maxi 1000. With a range of around 15 kms and towing capacity of over 1 tonne, the Maxi 1000 has all the power needed to handle the tow requirements for the trolleys. Requiring minimal training, and no special license, even the slightest person can safely use the MaxiCube as it requires minimal physical strength to operate.

The MaxiCube (pictured above and left) is designed to pull Smarte Carte luggage trolleys at Christchurch International Airport, however the MaxiCube can be easily adapted to pull almost any type of shopping or luggage trolley in Supermarkets, Airports or Shopping Malls, ensuring trolleys are always in the right place at the right time - quickly, efficiently and safely.

(*depending on castor condition and terrain)

All Electrotranz products are totally emission-free and may be used in enclosed or confined areas with complete safety.


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