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Electrotranz Mini 500 Turns the Tables at Te Papa

Supplier: Electrotranz
06 December, 2009

Te Papa Tongarewa, New Zealand's national Museum, is also well known as a major function and event venue....

......often catering for hundreds of guests in one of its many function rooms. In preparation for a function large numbers of tables, chairs and other equipment must be moved into the appropriate area and set up for use.

As a public building, Health and Safety restrictions prevent the movement of trolleys and equipment through public areas during opening hours, requiring that these movements were done at night, or that they were moved along closed corridors, often having to negotiate tight corners and ramps.

The trolleys used to transport the tables and chairs were moved manually and, even though several personnel were allocated to each trolley, it was clear that these movements represented a significant risk of injury to those involved, and that the use of multiple personnel in this way was both inefficient and un-productive, particularly as the trolleys were always under loaded to reduce weight.

With the introduction of an Electrotranz Mini 500, a single staff member can now move each trolley, safely and efficiently, wherever and whenever it is needed, and the risk of injury to staff has been all but eliminated. Significant gains have been made in both efficiency and productivity as the trolleys can now safely be fully loaded, requiring fewer journeys to move the same amount of equipment.

In common with all Electrotranz equipment, the Mini 500 is easy and safe to use. Requiring minimum training and almost no physical effort, even the slightest staff member can move the heaviest loads in complete safety.