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Elevating Work Platform | Hydralada Maxi Series

Supplier: Fieldquip

Elevating Work Platform Hydralada MAXI series with increased lift heights and more power, the Maxi is naturally the favourite of the avocado and industrial industries and remains the number one choice of many today.

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Elevating Work Platform | Hydralada Maxi Series

  • Product Code: MAXI

Hydralada Maxi 404 - 4.00m platform lift height. Specially designed for work in Banana Plantations, the 4.00m platform lift height allows easy access to the highest bunches of fruit. The automatic hydrostatic control, with hydraulic power steering, gives the Maxi 404 ability to turn in a very tight radius. The high ground clearance and a slewing boom allow the operator to work well outside the wheel track of the machine.

Hydralada Maxi 540 - 5.40m platform lift height The Maxi 540 provides excellent lift capacity with an operators maximum working height of up to 7.50m. The 540's extra lift and low tail profile is the perfect choice when working in tight spaces. Easily transported and economical to operate and service.

Hydralada Maxi 640 - 6.40m platform lift height Considered the 'workhorse' of the Maxi range. The 640 has a large section boom providing excellent lift capacity at a low boom angle to allow maximum reach. Choose from the extensive portfolio of options to set the Maxi 640 up for the job in hand - tandem drive for rough and difficult ground surfaces - insulated fibreglass cages for utilities and clearing street trees - hydraulic outlets to power chainsaws are just a small selection that this machine has to offer. The Maxi 640 is still the top selling model into the avocado industry.

Hydralada Maxi 750 - 7.50m platform lift height An extremely versatile unit, the Maxi 750 has a telescopic boom extension and hydraulic slew cage. Telescope in - makes it compact and easy to transport. Telescope out - the Maxi 750 has a maximum working height of 9.50m. Standard with the Special Performance (SP) System which includes powerful hydraulic drive and 22hp V Twin Petrol Engine, this machine has the torque to take you to the most difficult areas where access is required. The ideal machine for tradesman with utilities, building and street tree maintenance.

Hydralada Maxi 802 - 8.00m platform lift height The Maxi 802 has the largest fixed boom of the HYDRALADA range. Specifically designed with a lift height to reach those highest areas or to access that furthermost corner, the Maxi 802 is the preferred choice for operators in many different work environments.

Quietly efficient, versatile and easily manoeuvrable, the Maxi 802 is recognised as the most cost effective solution for getting up to 10.00m working height. The 802 is available with all the optional extras and attachments that are required to maintain its durable reputation.

Hydralada Maxi 1002 - 10.00m platform lift height Precision and control are the key factors here. The 1002 is robust in design and has no externally mounted service connections allowing these machines to move amongst trees and other obstructions without any fear of damage.The Maxi 1002 lifts the operator to 10.00m with a super smooth proportional hydraulic control giving a 12.00m working height, coupled with a telescoping boom, giving you the perfect operational choice for accessibility into your most difficult work areas.

Hydralada Maxi 1004 - 10.00m platform lift height

The top of the range of the Maxi Series, the 1004 offers 'ultimate' tractive performance and stability with a full time four wheel drive system. The electronic control system on these machines manages the drive operation allowing it to traverse seemingly impossible ground conditions with ease.

Quietly efficient, versatile and easily manoeuvrable, the Maxi 802 is recognised as the most cost effective solution for getting up to 10.00m working height.

Extending its telescope boom out to 10.00m does not take anything away from its performance, the '1004' is very sure footed with all four driving wheels firmly on the ground. Hydralada Maxi 1004 provides a state of the art access package for work on unprepared surfaces encountered in both horticultural and industrial workplaces.

Popular Options:

  • Padded cage bar
  • Hyd outlets in cage
  • Tandem drive
  • SP drive
  • Inclinometer