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Elevator Bucket | GB Spidex

Supplier: 4B Australia

The GB System elevator buckets are centered at very close spacing with a series of elevator buckets without bottoms followed by an elevator bucket with a bottom.

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The material is lifted in a continuous column and the carrying space normally wasted between conventional elevator buckets is fully utilized to achieve much greater capacity. The Spidex buckets “fan out” as they pass over the head and tail pulleys to facilitate pick up or discharge.

The system increases capacity of an existing elevator leg at a much lower cost than purchase of a new bucket elevator. The GB System can also be used in new bucket elevators to give the same capacity as larger bucket elevators using traditional elevator buckets, saving manufacturing costs and plant space.

GB Spidex elevator buckets are particularly useful with sticky products which can clog up the bottoms of conventional cups reducing capacity and increasing maintenance. With GB Spidex elevator buckets, only the cup with bottom can become clogged, and capacity can be rated to allow for this.

The remaining elevator buckets, being bottomless, are self cleaning. Aeriable products are also handled easily as GB elevator buckets have the ultimate vented design.

  • Double existing capacity
  • Elevator buckets are closely spaced & product is elevated in an almost continuous column
  • Self-cleaning - ideal for sticky materials
  • Pressed seamless steel
  • GB Spidex Elevator Bucket Datasheet

Bucket Material:

  • Pressed Seamless steel
  • Stainless Steel

Recommended Applications:

  • Cereals
  • Pellets & Light Agricultural
  • Sticky Materials
  • Cement