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Eliminating noise with modular sound enclosures

Supplier: Modular Wall Systems
29 September, 2014

Sound enclosures are designed to enclose and screen the noise source and either reflect or absorb the noise source away from the receiver.

Sound enclosures

This is exactly what a leading Sydney automotive performance shop needed. The company required a noise attenuation solution for their vehicle dyno room in order to provide a quieter working area within the workshop.

They had looked at a few options including the construction of a brick wall. However, this would have cost them almost twice as much and would have also involved a much more time consuming installation process.

Noise absorptive AcoustiSorb Plus panels

Hence, a quick and effective solution was required. Modular Wall Systems used the noise absorptive AcoustiSorb Plus panels for this project. A composite insulated roof was also used to create a Dyno Cel to contain the noise of high performance cars during tuning.

The whole construction of the sound enclosure was done within a day and the desired noise reduction levels were achieved.

This is just another example highlighting the suitability and flexibility of Modular Wall Systems' products to different situations and sites.