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Ellton Chain Caliper

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Ellton Chain Caliper is an accurate and simple tool used for measuring average elongation within a chain drive.

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Wih scheduled use it will also determine the rate of elongation (wear) on AFC and BSL Chains. It can also be used to identify areas in a chain drive with abnormal elongation and matched chain length mismatch.

Operation and Use of Ellton Chain Calipers

Recommended Chain Mapping Procedure

  • Identify connecting links within chain
  • Count number of links within chain sections. (Connecting link to connecting link)
  • Note chain section length in links
  • Select 5 link lengths within chain section (3 or 7 link sections can also be used with a recalculation of guage length) .
  • Clean crown ends of links to be measured.
  • Place chain guage over section at the highest point on crown.
  • Tool legs should sit on top of vertical links.
  • Close guage until a tight fit.
  • Take reading from inside edge of siding arm.
  • Record measurement.
  • This process should be repeated along the lengths of matched chain.
  • The more readings taken from any chain length will provide a better averge elongation.
  • Average readings over each length of chain.
  • Refer to chain guage sheet included with each tool to determine average elongation.
  • Large variance in measurements between two strands of chain could indicate mismatch of chain set.

For best possible readings and wear rate predictions the first reading should be taken when the chains are first installed and tensioned. Subsequence readings should be taken on a planned basis, weekly, monthly or based on tonnes conveyed.

These reading when graphed will provide a predictive maintenance tool. For best results and maximum life of all drive components chains should be changed out at 3% average elongation.